Hoda Kotb’s ‘This Simply Speaks to Me’ comes at proper time amid COVID-19

This was not an easy year; it is something that most people in the world would agree on right now. Like my friends, I have spent the last nine months listening to the news. As a result, I have gained more and more as I continue to report and write. But it didn’t take me long to realize these facts along the way, and this lack of thinking has begun to damage my mental health. Although I felt confident and reasoned, I did not feel well.

A few weeks ago, I was very upset when “Today” joined and co-hosted “Today With Hoda & Jenna” Hoda Kotb’s second volume, “This Is Just Talking To Me: Daily Words,” by her best friend Jane Lorenzini ( who also gave Kotb help with the first book of notes, “I Really Need Today”), came to the post. His arrival, in his own time, would not have been so convenient.

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Kotb’s book is designed to give readers one price per day, starting with Jan. 1, 2021. (And who can expect that day to come? It’s going well until 2020.) Because I read it before the start time, I gave myself the freedom to research, write a few words and read the author’s notes below.

Some of my favorites are:

  • “Unexpected kindness is the strongest, cheapest and most consistent in human change.” – Bob Kerrey
    • Under the heading, Kotb shares a story about it through financial media, the wife of a doctor who specializes in COVID-19 patients received a lot of kindness from strangers after a request for help and as a result started the movement of others in similar circumstances.
  • “Tough roads often lead to better places.” – Zig Ziglar
    • Kotb followed his readers’ inspiration: “If you are walking down a difficult road right now, turn to Yellow Brick Road. Keep going!”
  • “It’s not the weight you carry, but the way you carry it.” – Mary Oliver
    • That one speaks for himself. But Kotb added. “The best of us do this with power and grace, and even without anyone’s knowledge,” he writes.

The book, Kotb tells USA Today, has changed as a result of the epidemic, just as the world did.

“The world changed so much, in so many ways, that we just re-enlightened it. It was funny because some of the things that seem so important are pressing at a time when you realize they are not,” he says, noting that 365 volume words should reflect the outside, and But by the time the book was completed, he said.

Most of the terms are related to everyday life, but most are used primarily for the disease.

When I sit in my house and search through the book, I let the words come in and begin to feel better, and a deeper understanding of how the guests were not affected by this group of words made up of stories and legends – especially stories of people who do well for others. I never thought I was alone in my feelings, but reading words related to what others were hearing gave me comfort, like a blanket.

Words have a lot of power, which Kotb knows best.

“When you think about it, some of the biggest moments in our lives, and the changes in our lives happen in a few words,” he explains. “It’s a baby.” ‘You’re gone.’ ‘I do.’ “

In the same way, words that are tied together can change your world, and can even enhance your identity.

“Quotes can talk to you on a specific day or year, and then a year later they will no longer be available,” [like how] you are experiencing everything you have experienced in your life, “Kotb explained.” I am always amazed when five words tied together can hit you so hard, and sometimes it’s like you can’t trust someone else and feel how you feel. ”

'This Is Just Talk to Me'

The book, he hopes, can help readers find light in the dark – which, they say, is not difficult. But more importantly, “train your eyes,” he continues, looking good with the things that elevate you. “This Just Talks To Me” provides this, especially right now as we see “many evils” happening around us.

“I think people probably need this maybe more than ever. I mean, I make it myself,” Kotb says. “I think I need any extras now.”

Hearing what you have experienced, he says, is important: We need to feel it so that we don’t drag it too low so that we don’t know because, after all, we are offended by something. That said, the book is full of small tips to help readers deal with challenges.

“You are not alone … I think that being alone is one of the best things in the world, knowing that someone is listening, you have heard so much that you have written these words. [of a quote] which has moved you, ”says Kotb.

“This Is Just Talking to Me” has given me comfort and the kind of safe place I can go to relax a bit, where I didn’t know I needed to pick up the book. But since I have it, I carry the book on my bedside table, over and over again.

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