High 9 Southern Bloggers of 2020

There is something very strange about the southern hemisphere. From language to shoes, architecture to home cooking, the American South style represents family, tradition, grace, and a little beauty. Southerners are known to wear dresses, pearls, and fabrics, and there is no such thing as a perfect dress. Although the South may be beautiful and smooth, the people of the South are known for expressing their feelings and being as confident as anyone else.

What really impresses the people of the South is that they combine their lives and lead respectfully no matter what. Whether she’s at a grocery store or a charity gala, a southern mom is always a public figure. He knows all the secrets and can eat the best meal without breaking a sweat. With new ideas for friends, relatives, and traditions this year, the style of the South is reappearing, and in any case, these are the top nine South African bloggers.

  1. Alexandra Nicole

Alexandra Nicole is a Bluff City blogger and the face behind the account @CityChicLiving. As CEO of Confident Boss, mother of two young men, and a current PhD student, Alexandra is grateful for her success due to her unique style and dedication to work. “An interested person must have a name that is unique, visible and above all, true to himself.” Alexandra “When it comes to making a well-known brand on television, people who are willing to look outside the box are the ones who are most recognizable.” With more knowledge, Alexandra is doing what southern women do best, inspiring others and sharing best practices.

  1. Alley Leto

Houston’s Alley Leto shares everything at home, style, wine, and food at @lifeofalley, where Gulf Coast traditions meet modern trends. Magazine and digital producer, Alley believes that there is power in the way we present our stories. “Women in the south come together no matter what,” says Alley. “We all have influence, and we can all inspire those around us.” Harvard Business School Doing Business Alum

, as well as the distraction from her idea of ​​creating content for women with families Alley puts the family first as she shares her life and style preferences.

3. Brittany Henry

B rittany Henry of @brittanyhenryblog is a Memphis-based blogger who is not afraid to share her thoughts on her life, shopping, and dealing with the worries and fears that can be expected from a real Southern mother. “I believe it’s true and I build relationships,” Brittany says. “Everyone has a place. How much better it is to make friends in this way! Working with things like Tula, Red Dress, and Frankie Rose Cosmetics, Brittany shows that little style and grace goes a long way.

Fourth Ava Roxanne Stritt

Ava Roxanne Stritt, aka @SpaTravelGal, is from South Carolina and shares all things about self-care and good health. As a freelance writer, Ava has worked with some of the world’s best-known places, such as CBS News, USA Today, Travelocity, and Upscale Living Magazine. “Southern women take care of themselves,” explains Ava. “I try to share my health knowledge with the established traditions we have in the south of self-care.” Also, award-winning journalist Ava is famous for changing the day of the spa to a healthier one as she did recently at Canyon Ranch. A spa specialist knows how to take care of yourself.

5. Peyton Newlon

Arkansas Girl Peyton Newlon @srattyp is an MBA self-proclaimed self-proclaimed starter. Famous, hardworking, and butterfly, Peyton began to share the love of his style. “In the south, planning is a way of life,” says Peyton. “I’m very excited to showcase the southern species that have these principles and to make connections in our community.” Peyton enjoys designing, writing, and making everything and twisting the South. From the costumes to the extras by Peyton, you know you’ll find the next piece to draw your southern look.

6. Reese Witherspoon

Connoisseur Reese Witherspoon is the founder of @DraperJames, a clothing brand inspired by her southern studies. Impartially beautiful, like a traditional southern girl, but made for real life Draper James imitates her design and charm. When you wear Draper James, you are in for a treat that comes with a southern style, and Reese Witherspoon has brought the style of southern girls around the world.

7. Kristin Jonakin

A childless mother, a home-school student in the south of the three boys in Tennessee, Kristin Jonakin @confessionsofacountrymama, started blogging as a motivation after giving up her job of researching raising her three boys. By sharing the rides and weddings with women and her passion for dining with hands and cooking, Kristin created a place where women could find encouragement as well as ordinary people and have a little laugh. Kristin works with a variety of brands such as Welch’s, Target, and Proctor and Gamble and believes that radio enables us to connect and grow. Kristin explains, “The courage to stand up for what you know is not a million but works until you say yes.”

8. Ashley Houston

The blogger behind @nashvillewifestyles, Ashley Houston, highlights the realities and challenges of motherhood, reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and encouraging women to live better lives. To strengthen the confidence of others, Ashley formed a team that showed the courage of a real Southern woman. Nashville CEO Ashley always presents as an expert on Today in Nashville and Talk of the Town. “When I first started talking about my personal journey, I realized there was a lot of power,” says Ashley. “My reputation grew because I was honest with my followers and showed that we were in the same group.” Whether it’s beauty and fashion or the design of the lifestyle, Ashley hopes to bring southern energy into life.

9. Pamelyn Rocco

A man of the heart, Pamelyn Rocco @houseofbashery is a native of Pittsburgh that is now rooted in Franklin, TN. Sharing her interests in home design, style, DIY, family, and entertainment, Pamelyn has built a banner to promote southern culture and technology. Pamelyn explains: “I really like what the southern women stand for.” “The southern woman is fine among the modern, but with very deep traditions.” Considering the inconsistencies, Pamelyn found alliances with Pantene, Neutrogena, Michael’s, and JC Penny. A sequins and glitter that promotes the addition of gold paint, Pamelyn is a fashion designer who can’t apologize for her love of all things beautiful.

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