High 5 Russian SEX blogs

Malchishnik, KamIn / youtube.com

Russian schools do not offer sex education. This, however, has been filled by bloggers who are known to engage in sexual activity for young and old alike. You should also check them if you want to smell your Russian words.

1. Nezhny editor (‘Tender editor’) (933k YouTube subscribers)

Perhaps the most popular sex education program in Russia is hosted by Tatiana Mingalimova, a 25-year-old graduate of the Ostankino Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

In 2016, Tatiana worked as an editor for ‘vDud’, interviewing many questions on YouTube and, a year later, launched her own program called ‘Nezhny redaktor’. They also have interviews, especially with famous Russian women.

In May 2019, Tatiana changed color and started posting conversations with her friends, how sex and relationships were proud. In several entertaining conversations, women discuss flirting with each other about sex and the mistakes made by friends. The other section deals with STIs and family planning. In addition, Tatiana talks about the culture of sex parties in Russia and once wrote a document about pulling a queen (with English words).

2. Masha, davai! (‘Masha, come on!’) (691k followers on Instagram)

First of all, the Instagram story of journalist Maria Arzamasova is similar to a typical travel blog: a well-dressed, cheerful woman smiling back in Kenya, Turkey, France and other countries. Just a few clicks – bam (and buzz) – the camera appears in the background, then another. Followed by a definite photo of Maria in her underwear carrying two romantic eggs.

Underneath the flawless image, this well-known blogger can elaborate on the first menstrual cycle, six-month abstinence, physical fitness, or, under the guise of a plain-wearing or swimsuit, a review of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ or travel art outsiders.

In this mixed race, Maria teaches how to choose and use sexually explicit toys, challenges superstitious beliefs and, in almost every post, encourages people to love their bodies without shame and wrinkles and wrinkles during sex and in everyday life.

3. Malchishnik (‘Stag party’) (63.4k YouTube subscribers)

A man with a woolen chest and a necklace and a leopard print dress stand on a brick wall. We do not see his entire face, only his mouth, neck, and torso.

“Here we swear and discuss difficult issues. That said, we do not want to offend anyone and we respect each and every one of you. We are believers and they easily ridicule us, so be polite in the comments, “he begins by defending himself on the only male sex show on the Russian band YouTube.

Shortly afterwards, the viewer receives a series of experiences from the fight-and-all of the back interview, breasts and men. The genre is similar to Nezhny redaktor: five guys ask “sexperts” about their work. Meanwhile, their guests have included a pornographer, a BDSM master, a sex party organizer and a drag queen. The show also touches on major topics such as feminism, homosexuality in the military and health sectors.

4. Maria Chesnokova (74.1k followers on Instagram)

“Are you asleep? Do I like to talk about fertilizers? I’m tired of all the food and baby stuff. <...> I have recently been so overwhelmed by sexual power and I don’t know how to bring it out. I’m thinking of going to the mall or going to work, ”is how Maria Chesnokova, a single mother, set up her own little sex blog in 2017.

In her letters, Maria talks about sex toys, answers readers’ questions about their problems or needs, talks about intimate relationships, and sex education for children.

Maria often shares her experiences by going to sex parties in Russia and other countries, as well as planning her events in Moscow called ‘To spite mom’.

5.KamIn (875k subscribers on Youtube)

This movie, featuring a beautiful woman named Asya, is a true book for anyone who has just started – or is about to start – sex. Sometimes with friends, sometimes in “10” categories, Asya talks about family planning, female and male body structure, young relationships, and how to avoid mistakes for the first time and sex.

Asya has released 2020 on her Instagram account, setting up her own platform called ‘5 minutes Sex Training’, where she shares daily tips on how to help your partner, talk about public relationships and touch on topics of concern and lack of sexuality.


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