Half-term ski holidays near full as households scramble to safe their spots on the slopes

Even uncertain travel routes are on track as concerns grow so that the requirements will last for the winter.

Whether Britons will be able to go on vacation, with no restrictions on travel or distance, this winter is still visible, but this does not prevent families from finding their own slope.

With three of the four major Alpine destinations, France, Austria and Switzerland, sitting on the UK Government’s ‘red list’, with Italy and Sweden currently the only options available for ‘ski resort’, the future of the unexpected ski resort .

Uncertainty and inability to navigate have led some skis and snowmakers to embark on their slopes. Many believe that reserve a last minute reserve for the winter solstice. Still, they can be wrong, especially if they are a family member who wants to go on a popular school vacation trip.

Some small retailers have enough books, while others are said to have more power, by mid-October, as concerns grow that “demand will increase.”

Professional Ski Safari is a similar company that has been working for a long time with their famous family at, Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre, Sweden.

The story is similar to chlet users: “It seems there is a lot of confidence among the riders that things will be over by half of October and Easter, and these are the days we are seeing reservations coming in right now,” said Rob Dixon, a supervisor. an advertiser at Skiworld.

The Scandinavian slopes are marked by recent reserves

Ola Matsson

A recent study by the Great Britain Ski Club found that 96% of airline passengers want to return to the mountains this season if restrictions allow – this search and run reservation.

“With all that has happened this year, families, and every professional player, are in for a treat. Skiers always want to go to the mountains every year, especially those who missed last winter, “said Andy Hemingway, sales manager for Scandinavia at Ski Safari.

“We hope that if there is any move in the FCDO strategy the flood gates will be opened and there will not be enough beds or planes for anyone who wants to ski on school holidays … There is a good chance they will go ahead and offer the highest half-holiday week and Easter 2021, ”Warns Dixon.

Thousands of skiers and snowboarders canceled their vacations last year, as shopping malls were forced to close due to the epidemic, and decided to reserve reservations for 2021, increasing in March and April, especially during the Easter holidays, as well. reservation.

In addition, families who enjoy a dining room setting, where the recipient will cook, clean and entertain, may also have difficulty finding the available space. Major operators such as Inghams and Skiworld have significantly reduced the number of chlets offered during the winter, thanks to Covid-19 and Brexit – while Crystal Ski has taken full advantage of its program.

There are a number of vacation professionals who could have gone on vacation this season and are well-acquainted with the exotic ones – but still have a few places left.

Booking with bag operators like Le Ski is on the way


The Le Ski, which operates at 33 stadiums in France’s French defense Courchevel, La Tania and Val d’Isere, is currently about half full next winter. “The month of working for half of February is currently a pandemic, our minor illnesses of two- four- to eight-eight people are very busy,” said Nick Morgan, director of operations.

“Nearly half of Le Ski visitors affected by the closure of the resort last year have completely changed their vacation this coming season and we are very grateful for the trust they have given us,” Morgan said.

Trust these experts, well-known users are the most important weather. “In recent days we have been working in our small office where people book reservations, we think it’s because most people want vacations and because we pay 100% Covid-19, then no one is at risk for them and they can get what they want,” he said. by Nick Williams, chief of experts at zalet Mountain Heaven, who says “reservations are going well as usual and we’re booking half the time so far.”

Families are at risk of being left stranded and frustrated and unable to travel to the slopes if they do not take immediate action. They fear that wild and safe reservations are meaningless – as long as reservations are made by friendly people, many of whom are now also offering Covid-19 extensions, which promise to reimburse or find alternatives if travel is canceled due to the epidemic.

“Reservations now offer customers the best value, as well as the best options when it comes to accommodation and transportation, as well as consistent reservation and ABTA / ATOL security gives customers the confidence they can reserve and know that their money is secure,” says Hemingway.

While there will no doubt be last-minute availability with some of the staff and in many places this rental system requires flexibility – what families need in order to prepare for a ski holiday for children in their teens. Prices for final packages are as budget-friendly as in previous years, as operators strive to pay extra costs and the need for airline flights.

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