Guide concepts for lovers of the nice life are featured within the first of our vacation ebook reward lists

The holidays will never be the same this year; but the desire to share a good book will not change. The exchange of ideas is comforting when we are enticed by the thought of generosity. It may be difficult to decide what to give, however, as we do every year at this time, we will have several weeks; This week the books that focus on culture, art and food fill the shelves.

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Weaving Sweetgrass, Robin Wall Kimmerer (Milkweed Editions, pages 385, $ 52.50): An excellent best-selling book, full of Indian wisdom of our experience with Mother Earth. “Sweetgrass is not spread by wind-blown seeds, but by rhizomes… as a reminder of something you already know and want to rediscover.” The oil of our time.

Field Articles From Accidental, Julia Zarankin (Douglas & McIntyre, pages 255, $ 24.95): A beautiful book about foreign identity and an unexpected love of birding after a recent divorce. You can pass this by Feed the Birds with Chris Earley (Firefly, pages 296, $ 29.95), a great guide on how to identify 196 species of birds that you can see around your back – and how to download. Earley lives in Guelph and the book is approved by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Two Trees Make Up The Forest, Jessica J. Lee (Hamish Hamilton, pp. 283, $ 24.95): Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction award, Lee has written a beautiful book exploring the connection between his family and the land, and growing up near the home of Taiwan’s parents along the way. A good natural writing work that touches on writing, travel, history.

Life on Our Planet, David Attenborough (Grand Central, pages 266, $ 33): The famous 94-year-old naturist records evidence of natural disasters, starting in 1937 at the age of 11. Moving on to the future where “we ask for natural courage to help us bring his life back from at the end. ”Strong, true, and fulfilling.

Ice Walker, James Raffan (Simon & Schuster, pp. 268, $ 25): It is one thing to see pictures of polar bears in articles on the melting of polar glaciers; It is different to understand what they are going through. Raffan takes a special approach to help us empathize with others – and, in addition, our concern – in telling the story according to the bear Nanu. An interesting combination of science and storytelling.

Event creators are looking for inspiration

Violet Returned On The Ground, Lana Del Rey (Simon & Schuster, p. 128, $ 33.99): Poetry and photographs from a well-known Grammy singer and songwriter surrounded by solid volume. It consists of pages written, including manuscripts and other extras.

Advice from Gucci Mane of Great, Gucci Mane and Soren Baker (Simon & Schuster, pages 247, $ 37): First, the book offers the best: a gold jacket with a curved head and a heft with its heavy paper. The show didn’t just happen by accident – it was written by a hip-hop writer with the aim of becoming a “game for a better life.” Filled with his successful approach and advice on how to “Do Not Humble Yourself” or “Deal With Any Problem,” there are many images of the character of him who lives a very good life.

Our Body, Rupi Kaur (Simon & Schuster, p. 192, $ 22): They took the world by surprise with their first books of poetry, “milk and honey” and “the sun and its flowers.” His third book is a combination of his artwork and poetry, full of poetry about nature and care – a contribution to the times we have lived.

For traditional eagles

Leonard Cohen: Unchanged Stories, Michael Posner (Simon & Schuster, pages 496, $ 40): This is an obvious way to get acquainted with Cohen’s life: Posner, a longtime journalist, was interviewed hundreds and, instead of writing about his autobiography, let those who remember Cohen speak in their own words. Compelling and intimate.

Similar vision: The Seventh Team is Tom Thomson, Ian Dejardin and Sarah Milroy (Goose Lane Editions, 320 pages, $ 60): The Canadian Group Seven is a well-known and well-known Canadian professional. A highly crafted book with all the best paintings is made by McMichael Canada Art Collection and looks at the artwork through the eyes of visitors or Indians, and post it here. As Milroy wrote in his introduction, “These are very few political paintings made (just prices, please, we are Canadians) or more – on what they leave behind.”

Bags it is known for its beautiful books that are relatively inexpensive, though some may cost hundreds or even, sometimes, thousands of dollars. But this year to celebrate his 40th birthday he is donating $ 35 worth of books No Weiwei, David Hockney, Basquiat, though Old Walt Disney Pictures. Go to to make the right choice.

Louvre: Most Recent Lives Worldwide, James Gardner (Grove Atlantic, p. 394, $ 44.95): We’re going to see cartoons and sculptures, natural, but the Louvre with an interesting story. This is the first Louvre history in English; there are a few pictures, but this is the story of a museum, and an in-depth and fun reading for anyone who wants to visit its grandsons and halls.

Wealth of Dove, Harry Bliss and Steve Martin (Celadon Press, pages 272, $ 35): Fun with artist and artist New Yorker and Martin is funny. The two have come together to create this stunning cartoon, featuring slides and motion pictures that both work together on. Fun.

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For lovers of good cocktails

Which wine goes with Cheetos? Sancerre. If you knew this you would have it “Big Macs & Burgundy: World Wine Mergers” by Vanessa Price and Adam Laukhuf (Abrams Books, 240 pages, $ 31.99), the first book we know that can tell us about drinks and our chance of happiness.

With closed bars, most home-cooked games are more rigorous than ever, but for anyone who wants to know the right drinks on Instagram, Natalie Migliarini and “James Stevenson’s Beautiful Box: Cocktails to Make at Home” (WW Norton, pages 224, $ 37) is essential.

“Behind the Scenes: Top Cocktails Encouraged by Unscrupulous Terrorists” (Prestel Publishing, pages 144, $ 19.95) is a brand new, beautifully stocked drink with high quality cocktails offered by Vincent Pollard, a real estate agent with a Toronto consortium. While here on sabbatical distilling gin in Colombia, Pollard stayed here for ten years.

To a friend who loves sweet drinks but doesn’t care about alcohol, Fiona Beckett’s “How to Drink Without Drinking: Non-Alcohol Celebrations Throughout the Day” (Octopus Books, 208 pages, $ 21.99) is a good choice. It is a beautiful book with solid recipes.

Anyone who loves wine and loves quirky history enjoys it “Unemployed: Corkscrew Collection,” by Jeremy Franklin Brooke and Marilynn Gelfman Karp (WW Norton, 224 pages, $ 33.95). A beautifully illustrated book that chronicles the history of more than two centuries – which we do not know we still need.

Eating at home

Rising: Black Cookies and American Food Life, Marcus Samuelsson (Voracious, pages 336, $ 48): One of the cookbooks can sit down and read; The history of the Samuelsson black chefs from all over the US, celebrates them and takes their place in the American food revolution. Exciting history, great story, combined with beautiful and elegant, with 150 clear recipes.

The whole dish, Ayesha Curry (Voracious, pages 256, $ 38): The Toronto-born Food Network magazine has come out with a second cookbook, full of simple family recipes that hate the well-known themes – burgers, but made of ground; mac and cheese, made from crabs – also incorporates its own hot sauce recipes as well as very old cocktails.

Kiin, Fixed Night (Penguin Canada, pages 328, $ 38): A chair food chair, this is a 120-recipe recipe, as well as a list of Nuit Regular sights in Northern Thailand, summer with his grandmother, hunting with his father. All with photos shot in place.

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