Greatest Squarespace templates for bloggers

Whether you’re traveling, food, or fashion blogs, or just want to make a blog with your friends, these are some of our favorite templates at Squarespace.

Best for Bloggers


With easy integration with social media and site viewing, this clean, up-to-date template is a natural choice for travel bloggers.

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There’s a good reason why squarespace is so fun on the website and in action: it allows people to create beautiful websites easily and easily, especially thanks to their website builders and their templates.

While squarespace is able to provide a little more flexibility for experienced coders than those that develop other websites, such as WordPress, Squarespace is easy to use, even if you don’t know much. This is because they offer over 100 different and customizable templates. These images are like “bad” to build your page the way you want, to see what your page looks like and how it works.

Choosing a template before designing your site is very important: it is not something that every template can meet your needs. And while all of their templates allow you to do other important things, such as creating blog posts, not all of them do that well.

For example, if you and your friends are starting a blog together, you will need to look at a squarespace template that gives you the opportunity to show the author’s name and profile. This may not be necessary for you if you are the only author.

In the meantime, whether you are a travel or blogger, blogging can be a very important part of your blog and you may want to use the blog’s original form to help attract your readers with engaging images.

So what should you look for in a good squarespace template? It depends on the type of blog you create. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do you want to enhance your social media accounts or include invitations on each page? Then you may want to prioritize a template with easy-to-use bars.

  • Are you planning to blog a few topics? In doing so, you may want to prioritize templates that allow you to add section tags so that your readers can find content on certain topics.

  • Are you planning to write about your adventures? If so, you may want a template that shows where you are going from place to place. Customized animations with all the motion pictures will also help you.

  • Are you thinking of setting up your own blog right from the start? Then make sure you choose a template that works well with squarespace selection on e-commerce.

If all of this sounds complicated, don’t worry. We have tried to make your search for the best blog easier by writing our favorite templates for different blogs:

Special site navigation arrows • Multi-user • Group notes • Musa-based grid grid works best with multicolored graphics With a modern, matching design, this template is great for blogs.

1. Tudor

With a modern, similar design, this template is the best around blogging.

Whether you’re writing a home decor, your lifestyle, or a blog post, Tudor is a great choice. It’s flexible and easy to use, and displays post on blogs. It’s a good choice if you open a blog with multiple contributors because it will show the author’s name on the blog and their profile at the end of everything.
Readers can find articles in a group or author, and there are special arrows on the blog that show visitors a picture and title of the following and past. There is also a feature to show readers how far they are away and the template has buttons for sharing your choices and social media posts.

Up to two adjacent columns • Flexible No index page • The page layout on the Blog is set with a clean, fresh feel, this template is great if you want flexibility and a few pillars.

2. Five

With a clean, fresh feel, this template is great if you want flexibility and a few pillars. If you are looking for something flexible, then Friday is your template. It has the ability to have two edits that can be customized on each page (which is not what each template offers), which is great if you want to showcase your content, audio, or other pages and content on your page. You can set up seating on the right or left side, and add it to each page. While it does not provide a guide page, you can add leftovers to your blog or use the barbarian navigation for extensions.
The five-page blog display is set up as a series of circular imagery, but contains several fine notes, including bylines and dates. You can combine small captions for small blog posts and it supports complete posters and videos. It also supports squarespace marketing features, so you can set up an online store if you want.

Personalized images • Exhibition space • Circular image Using a simple media and visual presentation, this clean, polished template is a natural choice for bloggers.

3. Natural

With easy integration with social media and site viewing, this clean, up-to-date template is a natural choice for travel bloggers.

The Native squarespace template provides the content of the page with a clean, modern design that helps to display words, images, and text in an impressive way.
Images can be displayed in windows and you can also include the image images above in the blog post. It’s easy to combine media, thanks to the media images on the footer, to help you grow your blog. You can also show your location by selecting blogs – a great feature for traveler bloggers who visit multiple sites.

Fun • Best for artists It only works for photo-heavy blogs • White is the default font type, which is not always readable so you may need to change the color of the images used • No side pillars Best options, travel, or food blogs, it is the collaboration of various providers.

4. Haute

If your blog has a lot of interesting images, this medical template is a great way to display it.

Whether you are in fashion, traveling, or photography, this template provides the original image for your blog. It contains a graphical image template, which readers can click to send directly to the following web page.
The template also works for multiple contributors because you can display a photo of the author and his profile below. It has unlimited scroll, buttons to share, and the ability to display related articles for readers to participate in as they read and navigate the blog.
The main disadvantage of this heavy image template is that it can be difficult to find a simple format for all the images. While it is possible to change the color of the images from white to white, it can be difficult to find a color that works for all the images you can live in.

It will help you to see the latest version above • Original image gallery • Stable pages with a few simple pages a good choice for bloggers.

5. Stanton

With a great picture of banners, landing notes, and recent posts listed below, this template is a great choice for bloggers.

Stanton’s design is more impressive than most other Squarespace templates and offers a small, modern design dedicated to a photo blog, like a food blog.
It has a picture and large banners on the landing page, where all the most recent posts are available in the link below. It also has arrow keys to navigate to show visitors the next or previous chapter.

Beautiful design • Live photos attached to weave blog posts and posters to create a page that looks good.

6. Meetings

On a long, slender page, this template gives you the opportunity to weave blog posts and banner images to create a clearer page.

This template gives you the opportunity to weave blog posts and posters on a long, sleek page that can work well with a fashion blog. It features stunning images as well as a flexible, flexible theme, plus tags and logos to help create unique designs. There are also index pages that allow you to easily organize content on a single page. You can create a long, flexible page to display all you have. It also offers access to mobile phones for incoming readers. The artwork blends well with the squarespace format if you have an online store.
However, if you have multiple assistants or are looking for side tools, this template is probably not the best.

Author’s profile displayed below the archive or sidewalk • Back sections • View and final buttons

7. Skye

Not only is this a clean template and a newsletter template, but it is also great if you have several authors who are contributing to the blog.

With content created by the date of publication, Skye is a well-known blog template that benefits from many types of blogs. It allows visual images as well as section tags to make it easier for readers to search for content. The hamburger menu above is simple and unobtrusive, helping to give this template a fresh, clean look. The pin also has an unlimited scroll, buttons to share, and the ability to have three matching notes at the bottom of the blog.
This site is especially useful if there are several contributors because you can display the author’s name, photo, and profile at the end of the blog or in the sidebar.

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