‘Grateful addict’ pens e-book to assist folks heal from grief

A former counselor calls a book ‘the companion of the grieving one,’ but says that it is ‘a way to enjoy life instead of a dark one’

Plans for the first tour of Nicholas Goodman’s books were halted when COVID hit, but the local man did not allow him to prevent him from sharing his stories with others to help others.

Goodman has been working as a patient caregiver, counselor, and massage therapist, which, in addition to his travels to Europe, has allowed him to record Minutes with Grace.

“It’s been an exciting journey, to say the least,” Goodman said. “I’ve experienced a lot between myself and my friends, but it’s exciting to see places like France, England and Greece.”

The Goodman book was about to travel to North America, but the plague changed their minds. He hopes to get people to read a book he calls “fictional stories where most of them are true.”

Grace’s time is all about the story of love and loss, grief and sorrow, which Goodman has seen so much.

“I was a counselor at Hospice Simcoe a few years ago and I’ve been working on counseling people for addiction, so grief, loss and the feeling I have is what I’m used to,” Goodman said.

Despite having a history of dealing with grief, the 37-year-old author emphasizes that this book is not only destructive, but also inspiring.

“I would say it’s a friend of people who are grieving, a way to enjoy life instead of being a dark subject,” Goodman said. “They can be deep and intelligent, and they also want the young person to find love.”

While Goodman is unable to travel to promote the book, he hopes to add to the nearly 840,000 copies already sold while working on his second book, which describes his first five years of peace.

“I’m in a hurry to write this, for some reason,” Goodman said. “What I have learned and written about is what I have done in the past and I am not worried or angry. I am addicted to drugs, and I am able to help others. ”

To learn more about A Moment with Grace or to order a book, visit the Goodman page Here.

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