Google’s travel restoration itinerary: How Philippine travel entrepreneurs can bounce again from the pandemic

Manila, Philippines – Many Filipinos have engaged in short-term travel, which has had a profound effect on local and foreign tourism. Now that COVID-19’s restrictions are eased and the borders are open, people are optimistic about the future and are slowly regaining their mobility.

However, with a strong focus on health and safety, international travel is considered dangerous. His predictions indicate that there will be an increase in domestic security visits. Now is the time for travel agencies to promote tourism in the Philippines and help small business partners recover by putting the best interests of the people first.

To where? See local area

In the early months of human settlement, people are often encouraged to move out of their homes to meet basic needs, such as shopping and medical care. This has especially been the case in major cities such as Manila, Makati, Pasay, and Quezon City.

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As the country reopens the economy, Filipinos are gaining confidence to relocate out of town and are looking for a place to go to farms and the coast, with a 30% and 40% increase, respectively, in Google Search from August to September. This is mainly due to the fact that the area has great opportunities to establish physical mobility and the benefits that the environment has when you are sheltered at home. Coastal attractions in Palawan, Boracay, and Batangas are natural attractions such as the Chocolate Hills in Bohol and some of the most frequently explored.

Three ways to restore traveler’s ads

What can businesses and advertisers do to find more meaning in this age of mobility? A recent Google survey shows that one in two people in the Asia-Pacific region is interested in traveling, showing hope for the future, and looking for more places to flee while still safe.

Travel agencies need to plan ahead to help customers prepare for their flight. First, traders need to be visible in advance and include travelers in their system. A Google study shows that consumers are turning to online travel agents (OTAs) for making travel. In China, six in 10 consumers are planning more frequent OTAs compared to the pre-COVID-19 period.

Companies must take into account security passes and travel arrangements, as well as provide flexible reservations and price guarantees for travelers who want to book flights and hotel reservations first. They can also drive participation by launching new online advertising events like live streams to get a better idea.

How Philippine tour operators can deal with the epidemicHow Philippine tour operators can deal with the epidemic

Second, advertisers should take into account the preferences of visitors when choosing a reservation. With the fluctuations of consumer preferences, cleanliness and hygiene are now one of the main concerns. This is followed by consideration of competitive pricing and promotions, flexible principles, track record, and loyal programs. Recognizing this, mobile companies can be better equipped to achieve and continue to evolve consumer attitudes.

Finally, there are some uncertainties regarding the desire for meetings, promotions, meetings, and demonstrations (MICE) events and trips. What advertisers can do is encourage confidence to support the MICE sector. In China, hotel companies such as Marriott International are adopting hygiene practices at business events that promote reservation. A consistent guarantee of safety in connection with a commitment to hygiene as part of the communication system contributes significantly to the revitalization of tourism activities.

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