Goa declared as India’s most Vegan-Pleasant State

It may sound strange to many, but it is true. One of the most popular beach resorts in India Goa has been declared a vegan festival in 2020 by the People of Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

One of the best tourist attractions in the country, #Goa, has been recognized by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (@PetaIndia) as India’s “animal-friendly” country by 2020, according to a statement on Saturday. They quoted a statement from PETA INDIA on their twitter account.

On Saturday PETA India also encouraged Prime Minister Pramod Sawant to provide a state-of-the-art venue where people and animals can enjoy themselves.

“Goa is becoming a growing number of good restaurants. PETA India recognizes Goa for leading and showcasing other countries how to achieve the amount of vegetarian food and fashion,” said Kiran Ahuja, India’s vegan supporter.

He added: “In modern meat, eggs, and dairy factories, the neck of a chicken is cut off while still in its infancy, the fish are dried on the trunks of fishing boats, the pigs are stabbed in the heart while crying out loud, and the cows are removed from their mothers at birth.”

Not surprisingly, on the beach there are many wildlife restaurants such as Zest, Blue Planet Cafe, Bean Me Up, Soul Booster Bar, Cafe Tato’s, Chia Lounge. It also has some tourist attractions that you would like to visit in Goa.

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