Gasoline Your Wanderlust With These Pictures by Prime Architects and Designers

“As we await new treatment with the COVID-19 vaccine, I think anyone who reads this introduction will share my belief that in the next few months it will be more selective and appreciated than ever, when we can return to the plane and train at will,” said Peter Sallick, founder of Design. Leadership Network and CEO of Waterworks, wrote in the introduction to Travel by Design: Global Inspiration From Top Design Talents, a new release by Assouline.

Indeed, seven months after the outbreak of the coronavirus, when much of the world has not been suppressed, it seems more important than ever to dream of a place we want to restart and a new place waiting to be discovered. And what better way to strengthen your drive than to read the beautiful pages of a new book that reflects the world through the eyes of its creators?

They did not.

Photo: Michael Imber

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic before it hit the earth, the book collects images and information with more than 150 American architects. Edited by Michael Boodro and sent to Peter Sallick, the book covers more than 100 locations spread across 60 countries and seven continents. The architecture showcases the natural beauty and architecture of the landscape, capturing the iconic monuments such as the Taj Mahal and many other inspiring daily, such as the blue and white umbrellas at the Fontelina Beach Club in Capri. Looking at the pictures is enough to encourage any traveler.

The book was designed to cover foreign topics (Australia, Bhutan, Cuba, India, Egypt, and more), cities around the world (Paris, London, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Rome, Dubai, New York City, and Tokyo, and others), restaurants and destinations (St. Bart’s, Bali, Capri, Greek Islands, and Mayan Riviera, to name a few), international promotions, travel destinations, worldly pleasures, and North American economy. Throughout this time, architects and architects who provided the images shared the knowledge of the sites available and their interests.


Photo: Tom Stringer

Perhaps the most helpful part of the book is the 40-page back page, which lists hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, museums, and gardens selected by the donors. Obviously, you will find many well-known places, as well as gemstones such as Le Jardin Secret and Bahia Palace in Marrakech, Palazzo Colonna in Rome, and the Judd Foundation in New York City. You can be sure that all the places mentioned will attract the attention of the most discerning aesthetes.

It may not be a guidebook, but reading Travel and Design can encourage you to start dreaming about future trips, perhaps even planning.

The Colosseum, Rome.

Photo: Tom Kligerman

West Side of Manhattan, from Central Park.

Photo: Sarah Wittenbraker

The coast of Napali, Kauai.

Photo: Joanathan Hogg

Modica, Sicily.

Photo: William Brockschmidt

Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Photo: Frank Ponterio

Buscot Park, Cotswolds, UK

Photo: John Howard

Dunrobin Castle, Scottish Mountains.

Photo: Suzanne Tucker

Franklin Lodge of Coon, Woodruff, Wisconsin.

Photo: Liz Can

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