“Fringe of the Map” is equal elements climbing historical past, love story and riveting thriller

The successful life of Christine Boskoff.

SEATTLE – A fascinating and inspiring story based on the lives of Christine Boskoff mountaineers, “Edge of the Map” follows Christine’s life as the highest and most steeped mountain – from a two-day climb as a Lockheed Atlanta expert, to her amazing leadership of the steering company Seattle’s Mountain Madness. She was destitute at the time – a woman who led all other men’s journeys.

“What excites me, is not only the fun and the dangers of climbing, but also going abroad to see people,” Boskoff said.

Despite personal and technical difficulties, Christine pursued independence and wisdom in the world’s highest mountains. And, in Fowler’s well-known stone carrier in Colorado, he found a perfect companion. The “Edge of the Map” covers every part of the duo’s story, to the point where they end up in the middle of the long-running western China mainland and the quest to find those who have touched the world.

“She is the highest mountain rider in America of all time, accounting for 8,000 more mountains than any other American woman, and that is what has happened so far,” says author Johanna Garton.

Chris was a good rider, overcoming all sorts of obstacles as a woman in a male-dominated game. To my surprise, I never heard of him. He mentioned more than 8000 meters more than any other American woman, which is why he was a friend of Ed Viesturs, who at the time was famous and famous.

Edge Map writer Johanna Garton’s mother started ten years ago and got involved in Chris’ story. He began to associate with Chris’ mother, as he lives near our home. Very quickly, his mother knew he wanted to write a book based on Chris’s life. Research and planning to write the essay with his life and interests until he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and his health began to deteriorate. At that point, it became clear that Johanna needed to finish her job.

This book is mainly for all readers who do not know him. It’s about everyone who is attracted to the story of having a strong, powerful wife. Aside from the story of just one amazing mother, it is one of readers who can enjoy the beautiful scenery taking place in the Himalayas, major cities in the United States and the small town of Wisconsin. It is a well-known story that acts as a journalism and a fictional sometimes. Full of doubts, beautiful scenery, lightness and heartbreak.

It is for everyone who wants to be carried, moved and encouraged.

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