FREE Instagram Travel Template Story

Do you like the new Instagram template story?

I love it! Instagram is the most popular channel right now, and for good reason.

Instagram is easy to use and we can maintain a password!

Also, there are new Instagram items that are posted frequently, such as Reels. But today, let’s talk News and Illumination.

As you can see in the picture below, business accounts like mine can create “Display”, which is just a folder containing my selected articles based on the title. You can see that I have a folder for “templates”, and inside you can find my whole story of the original Instagram template or discussion forum. Click here to see what I have to say on the Easy Planet Travel Instagram page.

I have created a couple of Instagram photo tours for you to use and enjoy! I have always been very happy with the design ????

Now there are two ways you can download and use my FREE templates.

First, you can draw them from my Instagram account “templates” and use them instantly on your Instagram page, filling in the blanks! What a wonderful way to get to know your friends and family!

You can download this post, send it to yourself or a friend via email, and use it on your Instagram account!

If you are using my fun and free Instagram account, please email me (@easyplanettravel) to see your answers and what you want. I want to know too, you know? ????

And share it with your friends and family! They’re excited to fill out and share a travel template on Instagram like you and me! Let’s spread the word ????

By the way, here I am working on printing beautiful and free photos for your phone! I just started posting it in my Instagram account. Click now to become the first to have your free travel app!

FREE Instagram QUESTION ARTICLE2020-08-06Difficult Planets in Planet

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