Former Orillian pours ardour for festive motion pictures into newest e-book

Rachel McMillan releases Best Video Production Book; ‘These films deal with world problems,’ says the author

The talented author who grew up in Orillia has released his most recent book, and it is a major change from his old books.

Rachel McMillan’s third book for 2020 is the product of her passion for Christmas TV-making videos. It is called the Right Book of the Most Fun Movie.

“I wrote last year when I saw that there were no books on Christmas cartoons for TV,” McMillan said. “These movies run from October to January, and everyone watches them.”

This book, which includes pictures, checklists, events, recipes and much more, is timely for a number of reasons.

The popularity of Christmas TV programs “really helped after the 2016 US election,” he said.

“It’s not just women of all ages. It’s everyone, ”he said.

More and more movies, too, McMillan said, I see that they are starting to combine different types of attraction and homosexuality as characters.

“He realized he needed to be more inclusive,” he said.

Another factor contributing to this book’s development is the video COVID-19.

“The world is full of stress and instability. These films address the challenges of the world, ”he said. “You know that in the future you will have hope. You know that you will see happiness forever. ”

McMillan is fascinated by television productions for reasons that some viewers may hear.

“You know they are kind, but you can’t look away. It’s very attractive, ”he said. “They also do great things in Canadian movies and TV shows because about 98% of them are filmed here.”

The Merry Holiday Movie Movie is McMillan’s 16th edition. Many of them are fictional, including his previous release, The London Restoration. He writes a video guide at the same time as he was having trouble with the London Restoration, which is a myth and requires a lot of research.

“This was a great break for me. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever written,” he said. “Sometimes I just kept thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m being paid to write this book.’ ”

The Movie Merry Holiday can be downloaded online and through Manticore Books in downtown Orillia. McMillan, an assistant in an independent retail store and a former Manticore employee, encourages people to pick it up from a local store.

They promote the book as a private Santa gift or a warehouse.

Those who would like a signed note from McMillan can request one by contacting him via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

He also encourages people to check out Laura Bean’s page. Beans presents an Integrated Film Guide and also explains McMillan’s Dream, Plan, and Go: A Travel Guide to Inspire Your Independent Adventure.

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