Fb Throttled The New York Submit Story However Has Given A Platform To These Shady Ukrainians

Facebook said Wednesday that it would reduce the number of New York Post articles that published unconfirmed claims by former Vice President Joe Biden and their son, Hunter, pending clarification by investigators of the site.

But for more than a year, social networking sites have provided an opportunity for an obscene group of Ukrainian people – including one that the US Treasurer approved and see as a “Russian agent” trying to disrupt the 2020 election – to spread an unconventional or false idea about family of Biden.

These Ukrainians were instrumental in Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s attempt to deceive Bidens and support President Donald Trump’s re-election. Along the way, he found more than 200,000 followers and friends on Facebook, among other things, known among the US President’s audience who view them as sources of Biden-related material.

And after the New York Post article was published, the group celebrated on Facebook by publishing unconfirmed Bidens credentials again.

Facebook did not immediately respond to questions about the Ukrainian post.

On the front and in the middle of the Facebook pages three men – Andriy Telizhenko, Oleksandr Onyshchenko, and Andriy Derkach – were the subject of a New York Post article. Although he did not share the link directly with the article, he did share the links to reports about this or his photos.

Telizhenko, a former Ukrainian ambassador and former Giuliani ally who has been Bidens’ disgusting source, published what appeared to be a Trump post with Wednesday’s New York Post document with the headline, “Biden’s Secret Emails.”

Two hours later, Telizhenko posted a link to a pro-Trump blog post about an article in the New York Post, writing in English, “Senate committee to research new Hunter Biden emails.” And that same night, he published the third episode with another link to the story related to the Post report.

Articles were divided into 5, 14, and 2, with preferences 36, 13, and 7, respectively, at the time of publication, the amount of which corresponded to what had already been sent to Telizhenko.

Onyshchenko, a former Giuliani colleague and former Ukrainian judge in a Russian non-governmental organization that is now a refugee for stealing more than $ 120 million from a Ukrainian oil company, also wrote the article.

In summarizing the report in Russian, which Onyshchenko shared 22 times and received more than 145 likes, the amount of corresponding – perhaps a little more – than he previously wrote.

Derkach, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament who was approved by US Treasure last month and described as “a Russian employee for more than a decade, is closely associated with Russian Intelligence Services,” he wrote in Russia on the unconfirmed remarks made by Bidens in the New York Post published.

He told BuzzFeed News from Kyiv Wednesday that he had nothing to do with the New York Post but was happy to read it. He said he believed the report reinforced his claims against Bidens. He also told BuzzFeed News in a recent video he shared on his media, including Facebook.

Derkach has met Giuliani three times, including in Kyiv last December, when he handed over documents to former New York City mayor the two men accused of betraying Bidens. A Facebook post at the conference, which featured three photos of the two men together at a Kyiv hotel shared 118 times, commented 38 times, and liked 550 times.

Facebook has become a major Derkach platform for sharing transcripts and updates claiming to be based on conversations Biden had as vice president and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. U.S. officials have described the image as “worrying” and that Biden’s campaign was part of a Russian campaign to support Trump.

The allegations, which have not yet been confirmed, provide no evidence that Biden misused his powers to support his son’s business in Ukraine.

Seven of the last nine videos Derkach posted on his Facebook page in the past five weeks have been talking about Biden-Poroshenko’s paintings and other writings. Altogether, they have been viewed more than 83,000. Four of them show off his appearance on Ukrainian pro-Russian movies linked to Viktor Medvedchuk, a fellow Ukrainian legislator and close friend of President Vladimir Putin.

Nina Jankowicz, an associate professor at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, told BuzzFeed News that she thinks Facebook may have moved to curb the spread of the New York Post issue over concerns that the findings were unlawful.

“It would be difficult for them to do the same with other cases that have been reported as part of the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy, as they do not commit fraud or break the law,” he said.

But Derkach’s painting does. A Ukrainian study on its origins was launched earlier this year. President General Iryna Venediktova said in September that her office was reviewing whether it had been changed, Interfax-Ukraine reporters said.

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