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Paraguay is a country in Latin America. The capital of Paraguay is Asunción.

The war against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, which lasted for five years, caused tensions between the people. Almost all the men have died in the country. The last battles were fought by boys nine years of age or older. At the end of the war in Paraguay, 28,000 men remained. The authorities allowed polygamy, even though the majority of people in the country are Catholic. Now the country is on the cusp of reclaiming people and wealth. There are other attractions in Paraguay.

The country is named after the same river, which divides the country into two parts. In the east the population is 97%, while in the west – only 3%. The population of the country is 7 million people. The world is divided economically and geographically. 90% of the economy in this country is managed by a population of 161. 2.5% of the population owns 80% of the land. About a quarter of the population lives in poverty. We have collected the most amazing realities of Paraguay.

7 About Paraguay

  1. Although the economic level is very low, the middle age in this country is impressive. She is 71 years old.
  2. The first railway in the area was built here. During the war, it was destroyed.
  3. The Paraguayan flag is considered one of the most unique in the world. One side shows a sleeveless dress, and the other side – a Treasure seal.
  4. There are no fire engines in the country. In the event of a fire, it is extinguished by anyone nearby, although the service is free of charge.
  5. Paraguay has no access to the sea. Despite this, the country has an interesting marine environment. With no coastal land, ships sail across rivers.
  6. In the past, 60% of the area is made up of tropical rain forests. But because of uncontrolled logging, the area has become a desert called Gran Chaco.
  7. Because of the extreme weather, many homes do not have doors. Windows are also always open. When a person comes to visit, he introduces himself and claps his hands.

Top 3 best spots in Paraguay

  1. The city of Aregua is about 20 miles[30 km]from the capital of Paraguay. Here the strawberries are grown and are specially made for pottery. Local conventions sell a variety of foods, water heroes and animals. In August, the strawberry festival takes place here. Guests can also try a few of these fruit-free spices.
  2. Mount Ybycuí is a veritable jungle. Hot birds, giant spiders, crying monkeys, and other animal representatives live here. Visitors can also see beautiful waterfalls.
  3. The ruins of the Jesuits are the remains of the Jesuit mission, built in 17-18. Originally there were small towns and districts. It was built to convert local people to Christianity.

Paraguay: foreign laws and customs

He is allowed to carry weapons in Paraguay. The local men do not leave the house without them. In addition, state laws allow for participation in sports. The only thing that can happen is the presence of a doctor who helps the victims. Also, before a fight, students must register as blood donors.

When communicating with each other Paraguay appreciates the way they view each other. It is very important to keep an eye out for contact with the intruder. In this way, people express trust and respect. But being late for a meeting or a gathering is not considered a sign of rudeness. People usually do not keep time limits. By the way, in this world, intimate relationships are paramount. So don’t get upset if the store clerk ignores the customer, discussing the latest phone calls.

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