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Slovenia is a small state in Eastern Europe.

The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Although the state is limited, it is rich in natural resources. It is in the south, and it is very hot. In the north of the country, there are mountains, and the weather is extremely harsh. Slovenia attracts not only tourists but also people who want to settle in the most beautiful part of the world. There are other attractions in Slovenia as well.

The structure of Slovenia has grown significantly, compared to neighboring countries. The astonishing diversity of nature, high-quality life, and beautiful scenery make the country an ideal destination for those who want the best in life. To have the right to buy property, you must live in this country for more than 5 years. But commercial real estate is for sale without any hassle. We have found many interesting and unusual things in Slovenia.

7 About Slovenia

  1. The city of Lipitsa has been breeding special breeds of horses for over four years. Young children paint black at birth, but with age, the color of the animal becomes brighter and almost white.
  2. It was in Slovenia, where archaeologists unearthed an ancient weapon. It is a pipe made of bones with holes inside.
  3. In 2002, in Slovenia, archaeologists found a wooden wheel more than 5,000 years old. Its diameter is less than 5 cm, and its diameter is 140 cm. The manufacturing technology is much more complex than the future analogs found in other countries.
  4. In Europe, Slovenia is called the rooster. The fact is that the shape of the section is like the shape of a rooster.
  5. About half of the country’s forest area is forested, inhabited by brown bears. There are also many waterfalls.
  6. One of Europe’s oldest antique shops still operates in the town of Olimier. Pavlinsky monks continue to grow medicinal plants, make medicines from them, and sell them on the site. By the way, the medicine, made according to ancient recipes, is very effective.
  7. Slovenia’s language is closely related to Old Slavonic. But in some places, other than Slovenian, the official language is Italian or Gypsy.

Slovenia: The most beautiful 3

  1. Old Vineyards House. The palace is known the world over for its vintage vines. The age of the plant has crossed the 400-year line. This edition went to the Guinness Book of Records. The vines are still growing well and bearing fruit. Each time they take about 50 pounds[50 kg]of fruit, they make a special wine.
  2. Representing the cave. It is a complex system of karst caves. There are many tunnels, sections, and rooms. This special miracle is very deep, and to get inside, the visitors first travel by boat.
  3. Lake Bled Island. In the forest, there is a sea of ​​natural beauty around it. In the middle of the lake, there is an island on which the church is built. This temple is popular among newlyweds. He believes that if the bridegroom takes a bridesmaid on a crooked and twisted walk, the couple will be happy and successful. From the beginning to the front door of the church there are only 99 steps.

Slovenia: foreign laws and customs in the country

Life in the world moves slowly and happily. In Slovenia there is no traffic jams, and it is easy to drive. There are no lines, and the working day does not end after four minutes. On weekends, stores operate until 7 a.m., and on Saturdays or Sundays – until 1 p.m. The service is only limited to adult grocery stores, which open late.

What not to do in Slovenia

  • Be willing to pay for your partner’s dinner. Women do this in different ways, so the gentleman can be accused of sexual misconduct.
  • Do not say anything. The local people do not tolerate idle talk, although they are eager for visitors to come.
  • Swear with smoke in public places. This is considered a violation of the law and is punishable by a large fine.
  • Walk without a helmet or a bell on a bicycle. The law applies to children under the age of 14, but the penalty is paid to the parents.
  • Respect the dogs. There is a law that even regulates the daily feeding of these fellows. It is important, but the dog’s place of residence and the way of contact with them are determined by a divorce in court.

Punctuality is the most important thing. To encourage the public to pay their fines, the government has enacted an exciting law. If the fine is paid within the first seven days after payment, the fee is reduced by half.

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