Evaluate: Truefree 2 VS Truengine 3SE | Go price range or boujee? 

APple AirPods came to the forefront as a huge hit in 2016, and since then the wireless earphone market has exploded, including low-cost options offered by competitors such as Soundpeats.


Digital Walker, the world’s largest retailer of electronics and accessories, recently launched two of the company’s most recognizable products, Facts 2 and Truengine 3SE, at #TeamOutOfTown for a review. Here’s what we (honestly) think:

Original artwork

Full disclaimer: I’ve always been older when it comes to new technological advances — I bought the iPhone 6S Plus back in 2018 when the town’s theme was the new iPhone XRs and XSs. Now the rage is affecting wireless headphones and, thanks to my editor, Melo, I have started experimenting.

Soundpeats TRUEFREE 2 ReviewSoundpeats TRUEFREE 2 Review

The Soundpeats boxes that he delivered to me a few days ago were interesting for someone who can’t leave his wire cans. On the side of the smooth, simple tin there was a sign that said the units were made for “urban sports,” so the first thing I did was tilt and shake my head repeatedly (like crazy) to see if it would fall. He did not.

Soundpeats TRUENGINE 3SE MonitoringSoundpeats TRUENGINE 3SE Monitoring

The earphones feel a little heavier than I think and look great. The program of Truengine 3SE a retro audio game that comes with matte chargers while the file Facts 2 it is a solid composite material in the final ABS plastic.

I no longer have any color complaints and the rubber headbands fit snugly in my ears.

What is in the box?


Inside Truengine 3SE and 1 Soundpeats Truengine 3SE unit, 1 USB charging cable, 6 flexible connectors, 1 control ear, and one user manual.


On the other hand, Facts 2 came with 1 Soundpeats Truefree 2 unit, 1 Type-C support cable, 6 variable sensors, 1 control ear, and one user manual.

How to integrate Soundpeats Wireless Audio headphones

Remove the earphones from the carry case. Afterwards, the left LED will turn white, and the right LED will glow red and white in exchange for the word “Pairing” indicating that headphones have been inserted.

Enable Bluetooth in your device and select your Soundpeats section to connect. The appropriate LED will stop shining with the word “Connected”.

All points

Truengine 3SE Facts 2
  • Water level
  • Management System
  • Eliminating Working Noise
  • Bluetooth type
  • Maximum Working numbers
  • Play Time Properly
  • Time to Advertise
  • Time for Prosecution
  • The Power of Earbud
  • Charge the Power Outage
  • Earbud ears
  • Charging the Case
  • Frequent Response Trips
  • IPX5
  • Touch control
  • No.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 33feet / 10m (no obstacle)
  • About 6 Hours
  • About three hours
  • About 2.5 Hours
  • 50mah
  • 500mah
  • 23.5 * 20 * 24.6mm
  • 72.5 * 42 * 34mm
  • 20-20000Hz
  • IPX7
  • Adjust the buttons
  • No.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 33feet / 10m (no obstacle)
  • About 4 Hours
  • About 2 Hours
  • About 2 Hours
  • 3.7V / 43mah
  • 3.7V / 380mah
  • 27.7 * 20.8 * 24.9mm
  • 71.8 * 37.8 * 32.4mm
  • 20-20000Hz

Well-known forces

  • All ear plugs provide a uniform structure that prevents the ears from falling off
  • Both of them have LED battery indicators on the headphone jack and index
  • Both offer both instantaneous on Android or iOS devices
  • All of them provide excellent word rendering and function as hail
  • All of this gives a strong, high-pitched signal
  • All of this comes in a pocket that is only 1.03 inches long, 0.84 inches wide, and 0.8 inches wide
  • All this is light at 3.2-3.98 hours
  • All of these are tested by IPX to protect the ears from water and sweat damage

Common Weaknesses

  • Silent isolation
  • Fewer choice options

Reasons to choose Truengine 3SE on Truefree 2


Both the TRUENGINE 3SE and TRUEFREE 2 offer complete, ergonomic protection.Both the TRUENGINE 3SE and TRUEFREE 2 offer complete, ergonomic protection.

Combined with the retro-punk decoration that is best known for the two neighbors who live in transparent plastic and on-site. Truengine 3SEits design looks and feels more sophisticated Facts 2.

Battery life

There are about 6 hours of play per game in Truengine 3SE compared to Drawings24 hours of play on charge.

The control method

When the button controls Facts 2 is a very good, hard-to-touch touch in Truengine 3SE can reduce the pain of wearing headphones

Good manners

Testing for SoundPeats Wireless AudioTesting for SoundPeats Wireless Audio

With the help of the latest QCC3020 chipset, the file of Truengine 3SE facilitates low power consumption and instantaneous connection. There are also two integrated drivers that include a titanium speaker and an integrated speaker.

Reasons to choose Truefree 2 on Truengine 3SE

TRUENGINE 3SE provides well-dressed information by upgrading two powerful drivers and a mic to provide better soundTRUENGINE 3SE provides well-dressed information by upgrading two powerful drivers and a mic to provide better sound


The program of Facts 2 sells at a fixed price of P2,990 right Truengine 3SE sells at a fixed price of P3,990.

TRUEFREE 2 6mm constructing bio-compound diaphragm for clear and unambiguous sound.jpgTRUEFREE 2 high-performance built-in 6mm bio-compound test with clear sound and a slight twist

IPX votes

The program of Facts 2 The game has an IPX7 rating, which means it can be immersed in up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes – making it a waterless weapon suitable for dangerous sports. In the meantime, Truengine 3SE has an IPX5 rating, which can withstand continuous, low-resolution exposure.


The program of Truengine 3SE provides well-dressed information by upgrading two powerful drivers and a microphone to deliver high-quality sound, while Facts 26mm flow-through bio-compound diaphragm transmissions with high-pitched sound and slight distortion.

Thus, both Truengine 3SE and Facts 2 I will give you your money. Batteries are durable and the form factor for both ears is similar to the cheapest methods on the market. What burns is what you love.

Price and Availability in the Philippines

The Soundpeats Truengine 3SE and Soundpeats Truefree 2 are available for selecting Digital Walker, Beyond the Box site worldwide. Find your own P1890 for Truefree 2 and P2990 for Truengine 3SE. For more information, go to the HomeOffice.ph page.

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