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Feb 6, 2014 was another memorable day in Enchanting Travels’ ten-year journey and count! Our US agency, Enchanting Travels, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Colorado.

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Author: Parik Laxminarayan

Feb 6, 2014 was another memorable day in Enchanting Travels’ ten-year journey and count! Our US agency, Enchanting Travels, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Colorado. Founder Parik Laxminarayan summarized his experience in searching for a better place in the USA to help all our North American guests.

It’s 10:56 am. With 2 degrees Celsius, 36 degrees Fahrenheit outside. There are houses and people everywhere. And my head is exploding with thoughts and curiosity.

Looking out the center of Manhattan and Hudson River from my 29th room New York City hotel room and feeling a little overwhelmed by the tallest buildings around me, I think of the connections and the many visuals from my two-week journey across the US in search of a better place to stay our office.

Along the way, I met a number of excited guests: lawyers, accountants, real estate agents from office and friends and professionals from my time living in the US between 1995 and 2003.

Research Office

I started my journey in San Francisco with an incredibly intelligent and quirky Bay Area / Silicon Valley. It was exciting to see the entrepreneurial spirit and talent in such a small community. It seemed like everyone was trying to figure out and explain tomorrow with crazy ideas, hair extensions and fun makeup.

Car-free cars on Google campus, an internet-based city, the leading technology companies everywhere! I had the unique opportunity to go to Facebook school with a friend who works there for a while, I thought I was at Disney World.

Apple’s vending machines for staff to pick up when needed, large displays, Mark Zuckerberg’s mind room, plenty of restaurants, skateboarders around the school and everyone discussing how Facebook was cooler than Google and Apple!

Then I moved to Denver, Colorado, just below the Rocky Mountains.

Denver is America’s fastest-growing manufacturing facility, the first city for Americans to relocate and is a thriving city.

Several East and West Coast companies are moving to Denver for its 300+ days of sunshine, beautiful mountain scenery, outdoor life, professional opportunities from many universities and low cost of living.

Exciting Travel Travel Worldwide!

I also traveled to Colorado Springs, a city in and around southern Denver.

From Denver, I flew to Tampa, Florida, a beautiful, tropical beach town famous for its life and alligators!

I visited offices in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. Petersburg. We have a few amazing visitors from the Tampa area but its hot climate, excellent architecture and a comfortable lifestyle have attracted a number of retirees from the East Coast to build a central Florida home. Perhaps its proximity to Disney World means that the people of Tampa have enough fun near their homes.

Colado at Work!

As it turned out, the natural beauty of Colorado touched my heart. We have been working secretly to open our office there, which we are happy to announce is now over!

I see the Rocky Mountains from our window, and a great place to stay to support our US presence.

Exciting Travel Travel Worldwide!

Our US address is 8310 South Valley Highway, Suite 300, Englewood, CO 80112, USA.

If you live in the area, just come by and I greet you!

Our toll-free number in the US is the same as before: 1 888 263 2574.

Join us to plan your lifelong journey!

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