Ebook of Travels Reveals 30 Minutes of New Gameplay

The ‘multiplayer online’ indie RPG Book of Travels seeks to provide the most visual clues on the amazing experiences of many MMOs.

Many RPGs, as well as many MMORPGs in particular, have been following a series of well-known and playful games over the years: fun tales, epic tales of good and evil, and game loops that focus on motivating war characters. That’s what makes an indie theme Travel Book it’s interesting, because it tests a lot of what gamers have connected to most computer games.

Following the success of Kickstarter last year, developer Might and Delight shared the first episode of the game, highlighting many of the differences between the many MMOs. Described as a TMO, or “minor minority on the internet,” RPG, Book of Travels features players in a world with no more noise than the genre shown in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, which players will be free to explore without question and written stories it usually guides them on their journey.

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Another interesting change is the machine maker of the game. Here, the format is not based on classrooms and statistics and is more about factors such as background and personality, while players are able to choose positive and negative contexts that present unique challenges and obstacles. Most players will have their own distortions, as players will be able to communicate through symbols and signals instead of just speaking ordinary words.

Add to that the process of organizing based on the amount of skills a player has, the skills that players learn from those mentioned in the world, and the struggles that can play a “big part” in his or her character, and the Book of Travels is doing well. Although it is still early days of the project, based on what has been shown so far, it is possible that the game, which focuses on walking and playing on stress and grinding, could offer one of the best MMOs in years.

Travel Book plans to launch its first PC in 2021.

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Source: PC Gamer

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