Ebook of Travels is a web-based journey that would change the way in which we consider MMOs

You can see the new Might and Delight Journals in-depth in-depth video of the 30-minute video above, exclusively for PC Gamer.

With competitors who did well in Kickstarter and non-fans in October last year, the RPG Book of Travels has been doing well. The self-explanatory TMO — Tiny Multiplayer Online — will be different from other MMOs and instead focuses on travel and relationships, the two themes of which the studio is well known.

After nearly four years of operation, Might and Delight released the first sports car of Book of Travels. This is the first time that sponsors – and many fans – have seen the game in action. Since Book of Travels is not your traditional MMORPG, the director of Might and Delight, Jakob Tuchten, becomes the author through the film, and leads us into the peaceful world of Braided Shore. We have to see the designer of the form, how the magic machine works, all about the commercial, and also, some beautiful places.

I met with Tuchten to find out how the development was progressing and to talk in detail about the game’s trailer as well as the future plans of the studio, which could challenge the release of the game in Early Access. The Travel Guide will be the first theme of Might and Delight on Early Access, and having worked closely with 7,000 facilitators, the team is keen for the communities to participate in development.

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“I feel like this is a job that really helps me to have our part,” Tuchten says. “We see ourselves as prison guards. We want to adapt to the needs of the community, considering the secrets they like, how to improve the game, and what issues they do. We want to plan for the future of the game.

The Travel Guide is a challenging guide. Might and Delight have been so excited to celebrate that Book of Travels is not your traditional MMORPG. Those who claim to be “co-operative and friendly in playing others,” have no experiments or experiments. Most of the stories that hit the player in the free world have been set aside. With no major goal, no definite beginning or end, you are the one who has to guide your journey.

Explains Tuchten: “Our country is silent.” “They’re not bothered by an evil beast or an evil king. It’s not a myth of the dark when it’s all about to go to hell, and you’re a place to try to fix it.”

We have the opportunity to wage a war that is worthwhile. When that happens, it affects the risk and greatly affects your appearance.

Jakob Tuchten, Director of Photography

But, just because the Book of Travels has a world of peace, does not mean that Might and Delight have eliminated all military means. Tuchten explains how fighting war with terrorists or terrorists is a dangerous thing that has its consequences, the hardening of your idea that the team has to choose. Meetings are often dangerous and have future consequences, not the ones you encounter every ten seconds.

“We have the opportunity to fight the battles that are so important,” explains Tuchten. “When that happens, it affects the risk and greatly affects your appearance. We have discussed for a long time whether the war should be part of the world, but we want to explain the stability or stability in the world, and what needs to be strengthened in the event of an off-road accident.”

Roads and roads are like a necessary walk, but every traveler knows what has been discovered and is worth recognizing, even if it is dangerous in the wild. Fortunately you will have the skills and the ability to help you explore, and like the war, Might and Delight have also come up with this RPG in their own way.

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“There is a way to plan, but it is not the same as a framework similar to conventional MMOs. They are built around skills,” Tuchten says. “When you play this game, you get a lot of free skills you have learned in the world. You can have ten skills but only three positions and each takes a certain amount of space. For example, powerful skills, such as the ability to move an animal can take up five skills.”

Tuchten shows this amazing in the gameplay. After pulling out a magical point from his wallet, Tuchten unwraps it, and burns the smoke, his avatar is now a breathing deer. Skills are not just things you learn but through teachings from people around the world. If you want to learn fishing, you need to find a fisherman, as well as a cup of tea and the building-up principles of magic in the Book of Travels.

Knots have a temporary magic ability that when released gives a little magic, and Tuchten demonstrates this in the game by dropping points and sending a phone across the river. Making and drinking tea gives magical power for a long time, and should be carefully opened when near fire.

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Your personal skills can be enhanced by what you can do with design by choosing skills, backgrounds, and shapes. You can choose to have a variety of skills – cultural, physical, mechanical and spiritual to name a few – and that can help your team in a variety of ways.

What I like about the creator in the Book of Travels is that it just draws on the different philosophies of the traveler. You can choose to be the ‘Mountain Baby,’ a man who has spent his years tending the herds of goats, climbing rocks and exploring caves. You can also be raised in the water, which you spent your youth at sea, learning the language of the waves and the weather. It is refreshing to see a designer who interacts with nature and fiction without regard to conflict.

It’s like the way you talk when you’re out, you make hands and try to use your actions rather than using words

Jakob Tuchten, Director of Photography


Book of Travels follows in the footsteps of Might and Delights past games when it comes to communication. NPCs talk to you in chat rooms, but you and your team only communicate through signals and forms. The concept that the studio explored in their first MMO Meadow and the results created a compelling play. “It’s like the way you communicate when you’re out,” Tuchten says. “You make hands and try to use your actions more than you use words.”

You can go public or explore the secrets of Braided Shore yourself, the choice is up to you. There are many references under the Book of Travels’ fairytale surface, which players may choose to explore. It’s all up to you. One such story is one of the biggest cities in the game, Casa, and it is very helpful when you start the game. It’s a story I didn’t expect.

“There have been murders in the city,” says Tuchten. “A mythical creature we call genetics around the world has been killed and never happened again. There is complete secrecy about how he died and how it affected the city’s politics.”

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While the Book of Travels world seems quiet, Might and Delight may want the cities to be like the big cities – good or bad but in the middle. You do a lot of just selling and selling on the streets of sports cities. He is quiet during the day, but at night he is busy with events and should make the player feel tired.

“That’s a lot of electrical energy,” says Tuchten. “We want to make a big difference between rural areas and development that makes you feel like you just want to get back on track and pick flowers.”

You don’t have to tell me twice. From visual effects and a 30-minute Might and Delight video, the world of Braided Shore looks amazing. In addition to your worldly wanderings, you can search for roots, water shells, mushrooms and so on to help with magic and art. Survival is part of the Journey Book, where everyone is hungry with a sturdy meter, but with regular diet and rest they can improve.

It contains editing images of Might and Delight but this time on a larger scale. It may look like 2D but there is a lot of depth and, when you look at each area, the parts of the scene disappear with the future, like a delicate playground. It may be a world of peace, but it does not mean that it is the same place. Fields of wheat fly in the wind, wild animals roam the forest, and, as Tuchten enters a small village in the game, the train can be seen moving backwards – it’s a beautiful sight.

Often this game gives you the opportunity to experience the traveler’s travels but Might and Happiness seems to have written all the relevant essays and Book of Travels. The studio plans to release a small portion of the world in Early Access sometime next year, and then slowly open the world.

This is the first time to hear that MMORPG has been made specifically for the ‘stop and hear the flowers’ player. It is a world of design for those who allow their curiosity to guide them and it is very special.

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