EasyJet launches 25% off flights

EASYJET has launched their aviation business to celebrate their 25th birthday.

The aircraft has 25% off the 500,000 seats, which can be booked until June 2021.


EasyJet has set 25% off 500,000 seatsFees: AFP or licensors

Families looking for an Easter vacation can take advantage of this agreement, and sell it until November 17th.

With a trip to Spain, Greece and Portugal, future planning can save you money on your next foreign trip.

If you can save it soon, then you will be advised to check the local technology – Greece currently needs to test the bad crown on arrival, as in the Canary Islands from November 14th.

All of Spain and Portugal remained on the UK nomination list.

Airlines can be booked until June 2021 in EasyJet sales


Airlines can be booked until June 2021 in EasyJet salesMoney: Alamy

Ali Gayward, UK’s Country Director for EasyJet, said: “We are delighted to participate in this birthday with a few words of thanks to our customers.

“As the party waits for this year, we can take a step back and be proud of all that we have achieved: our unbeatable price and unparalleled European network, carbon offsets, and a warm welcome to our staff one day for all our customers. .

“Not everyone has been able to take the trip they want to go this year and celebrate our birthday, and as a thank you to all our customers we offer 25% flights until June 30, 2021, if booked before 17 November so customers can expect to fly together again in the future.”

The flight was first launched in 1995, with flights from Luton to Glasgow on November 10 and Edinburgh on November 24.

Its founder, Stelios Haji-Ioannou who was the son of a senior freight forwarder, set up the company by offering tickets on the price of Levi’s jeans, which cost $ 29.99.


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The motto of the competition competition is: “Making cheap flyers like jeans – £ 29 one way.”

Travel expenses to Edinburgh also sell today, the lowest fare – at $ 22.99.

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