E-book by long-time Edmonds resident gives recommendation to new and aspiring RV fanatics

Chuck Woodbury

Luxury cars are selling almost as many numbers as Americans looking for a better way to deal with the Covid-19 plague – and Edmonds resident and RV enthusiast Chuck Woodbury is providing guidance for beginners RVs.

With ships in port, planes just landing and flights to other countries are not slow, RVs are selling so fast that most of the stalls are empty, Woodbury said.

“People have come to realize that traveling by RV is the best way to achieve isolation and to fulfill their immediate needs,” said Woodbury, editor of RVtravel.com.

Woodbury recently published his third book The ABCs of RVing. In its Q&A style, this book answers the most frequently asked questions about RVing. It covers a wide range of topics, such as what type of RV to buy, how much to pay and insurance, how to set up camp, and how to use both.

Woodbury said: “With an RV you can sleep in your bed, cook your own food, and choose from anywhere else you go,” Woodbury explained. The idea of ​​sleeping on your bed instead of sleeping in a hotel where a guest slept last night is very appealing. ”

According to the RV Industry Association, RV shipping is expected to exceed 400,000 units by the end of 2020 with the largest growth in 2021. The 507,200 units expected in 2021 could represent the best annual annual exhibition for RV companies, closing 504,600 units shipped in 2017.

The purpose of his book, Woodbury, is to list important things that RVers do not know how to ask. “We teach them about the amount of money they can negotiate on the RV sales price and the right and wrong ways to earn money. One of the first decisions that a new RVer has to make is to see the type of RV you can buy, the propeller or the engine maker. Even when choosing a real RV they often do not understand why some, the similarities can vary in price. It’s all about the color, which only appears if you know where to look. ”

Many first-time buyers, he said, have no idea how much it costs to be an RV park, or the difference between an RV park and a camp. They do not know about the many places they can live in for free including the millions of acres of state-owned land and parking lots at Walmarts, casinos and other box shops.

Many RVs, he said, complain that losing a septic tank is a waste. “It’s not, if you can do it right,” he said.

This book warns readers of dangers such as hot RV skin, which can be very confusing for RVer at times. Provides driving and hauling instructions, as well as tax advice. “Most buyers are unaware that RV interest can be deducted from the taxes they receive as mortgage,” he said.

In addition to editing RVtravel.com, Woodbury is the DVD presenter of the Better Business Bureau’s “Shopping for Entertainment,” and has been honored as the Journalist of the Year by the RV Industrial Association. The hardworking RVer, has been featured on all major TV shows and in hundreds of newspapers and magazines.

Learn more about this book here.

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