Dubai throughout Covid-19: What it is like to go to as a vacationer proper now

Dubai City (CNN) – There are not many countries here that welcome almost all tourists in the world, but as its winter months approach and begin with a season that is usually at its peak, Dubai is one of them. The sandy beaches of the emirate, beautiful landscapes and scenic attractions attract visitors, especially travelers from the Northern Hemisphere who, due to staying at home during the summer, are now looking at the fifth Covid-19.

But what can visitors to the UAE expect when they arrive? Will they take a break from domestic stress, or is life in Dubai forbidden?

The UAE suffered from the Covid-19, which started in May and mid-September, but is much smaller compared to most cities.

He launched an early closure and, after receiving anti-virus measures, a shopping mall in Dubai was reopened quickly – and safely – as instructions and rules for change were allowed.

And that means visitors also have to pass security tests and protocols.

As they have to wear a mask on their planes, arrivals will also have to do the same at any location in Dubai or face a 3,000-dirham ($ 817) fine.

This includes taxis, which currently allow two people except for a minivan loaded through pilots or a Careem program, as well as the Dubai Metro; raw and run normally but is generally acceptable.

It smells like a cleanser

The tourist tested him when he arrived at Teminal 3 at Dubai airport.

GIUSEPPE CACACE / AFP via Getty Photos

As citizens we have seen for ourselves how the city contributes. And while those masks can upset the heat of the UAE, it’s good to know that you’re in a country where there aren’t many diseases, among other things, because of them.

The shell rule extends to Dubai restaurant parks, such as IMG Worlds of Adventure, where the rules apply to a two-meter shift and keep all other seats unoccupied, unless you have multiple families.

Visitors have to get used to the smell of the cleaning. Vendors are everywhere and everyone is expected to use them.

This goes to the resort where guests will experience a modified experience, but once one is wrapped up and welcomed with open arms, even if the smile is overshadowed by … you guessed it.

Thanks in particular to the original, uninterrupted startups, routes, restrictions and collection limits set by UAE officials, Dubai is back to the things that are approaching.

It’s safe, if at times it’s surreal, but it doesn’t take long to get used to these “new” things during the holidays; it also includes the purchase of masks, which are cheap and available in every market.

Hotels follow – and sometimes go beyond what they can be made to be absurd or extreme at first, depending on what guests like.

Cover workers

The tourist is trained at Dubai airport in the United Arab Emirates.

The tourist is trained at Dubai airport in the United Arab Emirates.

GIUSEPPE CACACE / AFP via Getty Photos

Many guesthouses were awakened by the living quarters and pools to attract visitors. Since most travelers from around the world can now travel, they can also expect a gunshot or body temperature by arriving at a hotel, restaurant, bar and gym, made up of face masks often with hand sanitizer on clothing. rubber.

Perspex panels protect the use of desks and, in some cases, the wallet is cleaned at entry. Others, such as The Downtown Downtown, walk through the sanitizer tunnel.

At the pool, visitors can expect to be sealed with plastic towels while police patrols distance themselves and prevent overcrowding and the influx of visitors.

Unusual guest rooms, but also invigorating, are also cleaned, and produce unwanted paper.

The diet has also been changed. Many restaurants have lost QR lists that can use the internet – which is fine as long as customers have mobile phones or good Wi-Fi.

Lost or deleted menus work best, if any.

An employee checks the guest temperature at the Al Naseem Hotel in Dubai.

An employee checks the guest temperature at the Al Naseem Hotel in Dubai.

KARIM SAHIB / AFP via Getty Photos

Undoubtedly the best hospitality address in Dubai, Atlantis, The Palm has progressed, offering the free “in the arena” test of the Covid-19 PCR storage worldwide for five nights or more until December 18th.

All returnees from Dubai to the UK, Europe and other currently controlled territories are required to undergo a check-up of more than 96 hours before departure, issuing a printing certificate at the entrance.

Timothy Kelly, deputy vice president of Atlantis Dubai and superintendent, says the site’s work was designed to alleviate “travel difficulties and encourage international visitors to visit … as we work to establish new ways to serve them in a more humane way. “

He also said it was “in line with Emirates Airlines’s free license for Covid-19 funding, which was designed to help people rely on the epidemic.”

After completing the $ 100 million renovation program and showing that 90% are occupied by 2019, next year is expected to open a facility near Atlantis, The Royal.

“Obviously, this has been a very difficult time, but we must move forward and change our offerings and experiences to ensure that our residential market wants to save time and that we make this easier, but above all safe, because our global market,” he said. and Kelly.

There are difficult times ahead, he admits, but insists that the shelter is able to withstand the storm.

“The next two houses will be difficult, but there is nothing but planning, flexibility and resilience.”

‘Open, safe and well cared for’

Guests at sunset on the beach of Al Naseem Hotel in Dubai.

Guests at sunset on the beach of Al Naseem Hotel in Dubai.

KARIM SAHIB / AFP via Getty Photos

The message is also supported by Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, whose 19-acre farm near the Dubai festival in Jumeirah Beach Residence offers guests a place to stay.

Closed at the end of March, it was reopened on June 30 by “disruptive offices” to ensure compliance, such as guests being properly protected except while eating, drinking or sunbathing.

“In closing, our main focus was on developing and implementing security measures for guests and our associates,” said Pam Wilby, general manager of the site, as well as Grosvenor House Dubai.

These include home-improvement facilities, front desks, portable benches and restaurants; two-meter interference signs; unpaid payments; heat of laundry; a sterilization rod for measuring temperature; and sanitary equipment in the room besides thorough cleaning of all areas in the rooms and in public places.

Following a series of more than 1,800 hours of training, with more than 20 Covid-related topics, making the hotel more focused on “the dangers of epidemics and the need for new ways to protect everyone.”

All of this, of course, adds to the work on the hotel.

“However,” says Wilby, “times have changed and we have acted with urgency and ingenuity to implement sound health and safety measures for visitors and staff.”

And the site has also received “loyal guests” who, he says, have been “very grateful” for what is happening and “appear to be very relaxed, safe and well cared for.”

“We can’t ask for anything,” added Wilby.

Anthony Ross, CEO of Dubai’s JA Resorts & Hotels, says Covid’s problems are bigger than anything he has ever experienced.

All of his property in Dubai, with the exception of two long-distance tourists, was closed in March. The first JA pageant was reopened in May, first welcoming visitors to the JA Palm Tree Court, followed by the nearby JA Beach Hotel, one of the city’s first hotels.

The agreement to pay for food and drink in exchange for food and drink has brought healthier housing, but it is said that global traffic is still rampant as it waits for countries to revive long-distance travel and reduce travel restrictions, such as except for returnees.

Go to reservation

Atlantis, The Palm offers a free trial in Covid.

Atlantis, The Palm offers a free trial in Covid.

KARIM SAHIB / AFP via Getty Photos

In the meantime, arrivals to International Airport must issue a PCR pilot test certificate. Travelers from other countries, or those displaying the signs, are tested.

Although the airports remain quieter than before the epidemic, incoming routes can take longer.

Visitors are required to register with the Covid-19 DXB program and maintain distance from inconsistencies on incoming and outgoing trips, which can make the lines look longer.

For departing guests, paid PCRs are available in Dubai and are assisted by other accommodations, such as several JA hotels.

“Dubai is ready to receive visitors from all over the world,” said Ross.

“In the meantime, with foreign airlines open, we can see that our site is very important from our site and reservation.

“We are seeing an increase in ideas from July and jumping in February and April 2021, which is encouraging.”

To some extent the power of many security measures is evident; encouraging, as a little stranger at first. But for hotels looking to restore the confidence of guests, it is important to make sure they offer a safe environment.

Ross says JA received a stamp from the government #DubaiAssured following a health and safety certification process.

All assets have re-established the World Travel & Tourism Council #SafeTravels policy, ensuring health and hygiene and protocols supported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Hotel advertisers in Dubai are looking forward to the difficult times ahead.

Hotel advertisers in Dubai are looking forward to the difficult times ahead.

KARIM SAHIB / AFP via Getty Photos

“We have a comprehensive safety and prevention program that monitors the travel of tourists from all over to see, ensuring cleanliness and isolation from people,” adds Ross.

“The guests were delighted with our approach to safety and hygiene in all respects, and we were pleased with the positive and positive comments from the media.

“The coming months offer a unique opportunity for adventure travelers to explore the beautiful destination and the perfect weather – without the hassle of tourists.”

In the past, vacations here have changed, but as major hotels continue to monitor travel and security and, if possible, existing and planned tourists, the “information in Dubai” remains the same.

“My wish is that international trips will be reopened so that we can go back to doing all we can best … hospitality and creating a place where people will remember memorable,” adds JA’s RA.

“I predict that it will be a very difficult few months as we wait for the governments of other countries to reduce restrictions and restart flights.

“If they do this … Dubai is ready to receive them.”

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