Disneyland and Different California Theme Parks Get Guidelines for Reopening

California health officials have given long-awaited instructions to reopen state-run pastures in the state on Tuesday, setting goals that Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, and Universal Studios Hollywood, in Los Angeles, can open their doors. For large parks, it could be a long way off: their territories should reach a “yellow” that is more mature in the state-of-the-art Covid-19 economy.

In the case of coronavirus cases, Orange County, home to Disneyland, is currently in “red”, or second, tier and Los Angeles County, Universal Studios, which is in the middle of a very “purple”. It could be months before the district meets the yellow zone guidelines, which require at least once a day for 100,000 citizens and attempts to estimate at least 2 percent. Parks have been closed since March.

California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, who gave the advice at a video conference on Tuesday and said he believed the advice could be reached. He also said the County Council has already met with them.

“There is a lot of work we can do together – governments, local people, business leaders, community leaders, people – to do what we can to ensure that we reduce population prevalence in our area and there is a way out,” he said. Ghaly said. “We don’t know when, but we do know, and we think we will continue to work hard to get one government on time.”

However, the President of Disneyland Resort, Ken Potrock, said in a statement that the advice was “immutable” and “ineffective”.

“We have made sure that we can re-open it properly, with health and safety regulations strictly enforced in our zoos around the world,” Potrock said. “However, the California government continues to ignore this, instead issuing oppressive regulations that it knows will not work and making us very different from other reopened businesses and government facilities.”

When the parks reopen, they will need to establish a reservation system so that they can visit in advance. They should also monitor visitors to determine if they are in pain and order masks anywhere within the park, unless people are eating and drinking. Major parks, such as Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, will have to reduce power by up to 25%.

Small parks in California can reopen when they reach the third level or “orange”. They will be allowed to have 25% of the guest or 500 guests, depending on the minimum number, and only people from the local village will be allowed to visit.

Disney World, an Orlando company, Fla., Park, reopened in July with a focus on quality and regulatory requirements and there were no major outbreaks of parka-related coronavirus. But the decline in the company led to the company being fired. The plague has wiped out many of Disney’s businesses, including theaters, theater, and cruises. Disneyland made about $ 3.8 billion last year, according to Michael Nathanson, a news analyst.

On Monday, a union of thousands of trade unions in Disneyland told California Governor Gavin Newsom that he was satisfied with the health measures the company had put in place to operate more efficiently.

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