Discover Your self within the Cordilleras: The Farm Tourism Circuit of Benguet and Mountain Province

State Transportation Area and Mountain State

HArriving in the picturesque highlands, the Cordillera region is full of surprises. From its year-round winters to its natural beauty, fascinating culture, and local cuisine, the local delicacy is gaining momentum today. These are the orchards and vineyards of Benguet and Mountain Province.

Province of Bauko Mountain

Widespread in the two neighboring mountains are lush orchards, lush vegetation, and orchards, demonstrating the skill and hard work of Cordillera farmers.

As a growing group of good food choices such as paying for a table increase, visiting these farms will also help us show appreciation for our farmers as well as their profits as an important part of the tourism industry.

To help you plan your trip to Benguet and the Mountain region, here are some farming groups you can visit.

Northern Blossom Gardener in Atok, Benguet

This three-hectare farm overlooking the beautiful Atok Mountains, Benguet, is home to a magnificent flower arrangement that melts all year round. A wide variety of flowers such as Matthiola, rice flowers, larkspurs, snapdragons, cabbage flowers, and many more, are harvested here and reach many flower markets in Metro Manila as far away as Mindanao.

Melany Ganayan and her husband, Northern Blossom Flower Farm, received their ‘famous star in all flower gardens’ by welcoming guests who wanted to stand out and take pictures and buy flowers.

Today a few workshops are functioning near the farm while a small coffee shop on the farm is a spectacular view of the farm and the Cordillera Mountains — you can see the peaks of Mt. Pulag and Mt. Timbak on a clear day – it should be opened soon.

Buguias, Benguet

Buguias Benguet Farm - State and Mountain Travel Management AreaBuguias Benguet Farm – State and Mountain Travel Management Area

The town of Buguias is said to be one of the leading vegetable growers in the country and while 80% of the more than 40,000 people in the town are farmers. The fields in the mountains and valleys of the town are lush green with leaves that you can name.

From chopsuey products (potatoes, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, pechay, etc.) to beans, eggplant, okra, sayote, even strawberry, one can visit the vegetable gardens here and fill a new car.

Another interesting place to visit in Buguias is the Veteran Memorial Marker, which releases the town’s release from the Japan Imperial Army on July 27, 1945, and the World War II 66th Infantry Shrine near Halsema Highway. The town of Buguias is a 12th-century burial site that also includes the remains of Apo Anno — believed to have been the first burial in the 16th century.

Paoay, Benguet

Another easy-to-reach destination – according to Benguet standards – is the vegetable gardens in Paoay, Benguet. In addition to buying fresh fruit and various sweet snakes and snakes from farmers here, you can also head to the vicinity of the Bosleng Lourdes Grotto, where you find shelter under a large rock on top of large boulders surrounded by leafy leaves.

Near the crater, you can see a majestic rock that offers a spectacular view of nearby mountains and, on a fine day, a cloudy sea.

Bauko, Mountain Region

A Visit to Bauko Mountain DistrictA Visit to Bauko Mountain DistrictBauko Mountain Province Strawberry FarmBauko Mountain Province Strawberry Farm Potato Harvesting - Bauko Mountain DistrictPotato Harvesting – Bauko Mountain District Potatoes at BaukoPotatoes at Bauko

The area around Benguet, in the Mountain region, also has vegetable and orchards. With an altitude of more than 4,100 meters above sea level, the mountains in these parts of Cordilleras are ideal for planting and harvesting fresh fruit. In the town of Bauko, one can visit one farm, from the potato farm to the lettuce fields to the strawberry, kale, pepper, to name a few.

This is a great place to learn more about agriculture from local farmers, as they are friendly and ready to answer all your questions about their farming. In addition, you can always buy a few pounds of the items you just harvested from them later.

Tadian, Mountain Region

Farmers in TadianFarmers in TadianHot Tadian TeaHot Tadian Tea

Half an hour from Bauko, Tadian town, one can find another green farm but this time full of turmeric and ginger leaves that farmers, especially local women, harvest to make ginger and turmeric tea. With the help of a development company called Local Goodness PH, farmers here are now planting and harvesting more turmeric and ginger because they can sell it directly to consumers in Metro Manila.

“Today, when the local beauty began to take its orders, we were encouraged to continue planting turmeric and ginger. Tropical farming is not easy because it takes about a year to cultivate. With the help of the local community, we can’t stand it right now, “said one of Theresa Farnican’s female farmers.


Haight Places in Sakura Park (Benguet)

Haight LocationHaight Location

In the meantime, with 4 cabins (which are also being remodeled), Haight’s Place is the epicenter of the mountain Benguet. The park is located in the middle of a lush greenery with flower gardens – including several Cherry “Sakura” Blossom trees that were the talk headlines a few years ago – a fun camping spot, and even a forest.

This is a great place to relax and set up if you are planning to visit Benguet and the nearby farms of Mountain Province. The Naguey Rice Terrace is also visible from here.

Northern Flowers Northern Blossoms

Northern Flowers Northern BlossomsNorthern Flowers Northern Blossoms

There are a few steps from the Northern Blossoms Garden. This simple home is a great place to stay and – really – to smell the flowers all the time.

Managers are currently making a small coffee inside the farm that will give guests a lovely place to brew coffee and breakfast happily while the sunrise is spectacular in the flower gardens.

Instagrammable Rock at Bosleng Lourdes GrottoInstagrammable Rock at Bosleng Lourdes Grotto

How to Walk

4 and 4 jeepneys are the preferred trip in this part of the Cordillera because of the many roads’ climbers. You can take one jeepney to the next town from Atok to Buguias and Mountain Province. However, it may be best if you come in a private car, either a lift or a powerful van, to store all the vegetables, fruits, and crops that you can buy from farmers.

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