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You can do it all at a cheaper price than you would in Chicago or other major cities in the United States. Although Milwaukee is often overlooked by Chicago, there are festivals that take place every weekend in Milwaukee. These include street festivals and ethnic festivals, as well as music festivals. In particular, these festivals attract visitors from all over the world. The best time to visit Milwaukee with the kids is summer. However, they are both family friendly.

All Market In Milwaukee. Go to South Shore Park for a ride or rent a motorcycle in the city, Bublr Bikes, and check out Milwaukee bikes for the day. If your family has vegan or vegan, there are also vegan restaurants in Milwaukee to choose from. The Oak Leaf Trail traverses the entire region and is 108 miles away.

A bar in the parks around Milwaukee. You can also change the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game for about three hours for the first time. If you’re from Wisconsin, you can eat, eat, drink, and play in the parking lot before the game starts. Also, check out the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame for what to do with your family.

Lakefront Brewery, or walk around the Milwaukee Riverwalk with your family. Mike and Becca are parents and travel writers who love to find real travel routes. The list of their visitors on the Family Travel Blog contains tips, which are a must see for events and gems from our bloggers. Disclosure: This site contains helpful links that can be used to set up sub-committees at no cost to you. Families can stay in cheap hotels and do city activities without breaking the bank.

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