Digital trip: Wonderful photographs from an odd yr for travel

(CNN) – It’s been a year like any other. As we enter 2020, travelers have more freedom to travel than at any other time in history. Trains have been going up for years.

But in March, the coronavirus changed lives as we know it.

Photographers have been working all over the world for the most amazing years, sharing their photos with us who can’t get too far away from our homes.

As far as possible, photography is inspiring, negative and informative. It makes us sit on a chair. It can inspire us to plan our dream journey. Or pictures can reveal a new journey that can capture our attention.

These images not only reflect the natural and man-made beauty of our planet, but they can also give us a picture of other people and cultures and beauty among people.

Thousands of amazing images pass through our computer screen every year, and in this space we share our favorite from 2020.

So if you want to see another beautiful part of the world – Central Park in New York, England’s largest church in Minster, the pyramids in Giza – come back here for inspiration.

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