Crystal Cabin Awards winners announced

(CNN) – It has been a strange time to fly and, for many of us, it has been a year since we saw the inside of the cabin.

This year’s prize goes to the design including the future social networking house and the inside of the electric jet entry for drivers.

The long list was also announced in January 2020, the results of which are to be unveiled at the 2020 Aircraft Interiors Expo, to be held in Hamburg, Germany in March 2020.

After Covid flew into northern Europe last spring, the incident was called off. Soon a year and the manufacturers will be welcomed at the ceremony this week.

When the nominees were selected for the illness period, the winners take on a new meaning after the Covid-19 epidemic.

“As the demand for travel increases, what is needed right now is a satisfying idea that encourages riders alike and gives them pleasure,” Carmen Krause-Bösterling, director general of the Crystal Cabin Award Association told CNN Travel, adding that the award shows “how business responds to the challenges of our time. ino. “

Promoting skills

The selected design from Heinkel Group was not successful, but attracted attention.

Courtesy of Crystal Cabin Award

The first series of the Crystal Cabin Awards also included a variety of interesting ideas. Take a look at Heinkel Group’s “Flex Lounge” design, which takes into account the ever-changing nature of the furniture industry.

The idea behind it is that, with this departure, pilots can rearrange the lines so that passengers traveling together can face each other.

It is a design that is known to be not only very useful for Covid, but also very good looking.

In the middle of this year the winner of the electric plane Alice, who won the category of “Cabin Concepts”.

The brain of the Israeli company Eviation Aircraft, Alice is known as the “first electric aircraft carrier” and is known to have a cabin of its own, capable of carrying up to 9 passengers at a distance of 1,000 kilometers. The design struck a chord with Boeing’s 777X house and Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class Loft.

Seats inside Alice’s plane will be arranged in a “reverse herringbone”, meaning that all visitors will be exposed to large jet windows.


Airbus wins Crystal Cabin Award for its next-generation ideas for “Airspace Cabin Vision 2020.”

Courtesy of Crystal Cabin Award

In the category of “Visionary Concepts”, Airbus became known for its next house idea “Airspace Cabin Vision 2020.”

The house has reclining seats as well as “digital living areas” – including pre-designed reclining chairs and cargo rooms that glow red or green, depending on whether they are full or empty.

The future of the plane?

University of Cincinnati_Coffee House

The University of Cincinnati received an award for the design of the “coffee house” aircraft.

Courtesy of Crystal Cabin Award

In this year’s “Passenger Comfort Hardware” category, the Crystal Cabin Awards recognized the economic seat of Safran Seats’ Modulair S, developed by the French university ENSCI and made the economy better through a combination of accessories including a neck brace and a tablet pen.

The nominee was Ciara Crawford’s ROW1 seat – an airplane seat that allows the wheelchair to fit around the line, enhancing flight access.

Safran also received two other awards at this year’s event, thanks to Bluetooth-enabled Inflight Entertainment System – which allows passengers to use Bluetooth headsets instead of the headphones provided by the aircraft – and the “Cabin Systems” group, on the aircraft trolley which takes and describes the realities of reality.

In the “University” category, the University of Cincinnati came out on top with the design of the “coffee house”, an idea that also takes into account how business travelers can use flying.

Also announced by the “Judge ‘Choice Award” and the “Clean & Safe Air Travel”, two awards were announced for the epidemic and were designed to highlight the impact of Covid-19 on airplanes.

This is due to be presented at the Explosed Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg at the end of August.

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