COVID-19 Breaks Out Throughout “Watershed” SeaDream Cruise

Earlier in the day, cruiser Gene Sloan, Points Guy, reported that a visitor aboard the SeaDream 1 had been tested for COVID-19 in his article The First Cruise Ship to Resume Sailing in the Caribbean is having a COVID Scare. He explained:

A passenger on the SeaDream Yacht Club’s SeaDream 1 tested the first COVID-19 virus, the pilot of the ship, Torbjorn Lund, announced in a letter shortly before Wednesday’s entry. they also set themselves apart immediately. “

According to Sloan, according to the pilot, “the passengers were seriously ill before being tested.” The pilot also stated that the results of the pilot test were positive and that the ship was “operational assuming it had one or more COVID patients.”

BREAKING: The first # cruise ship to resume sailing on the #Caribbean (as I travel) threatens the #covid. Here’s all we know right now:

– Gene Sloan (@CruiseLog) November 11, 2020

This special trip, which Mr. Sloan and other travel writers insisted that they were making a good “bubble” for the trip, which was marred by controversy from the beginning. Sloan took pictures of the workers without masks. I told them the lack of masks to be silly and that it was “a way of disaster.” CruiseRadio was the first blogger to prove that SeaDream’s ineffective ideas “were careless.”

“Company officials say the masks won’t need to be worn on the watch, due to a lot of effort before they leave to make a bad ‘bubble'” Wow. There are many false errors to make this possible. Stupid. Alternatively, via @SeaDreamYC # COVID19 #cruise

– James (Jim) Walker (@CruiseLaw) November 6, 2020

No matter what you believe, wearing a mask does not set a good example. Ignorance. The CDC monitors any maritime traffic, whether US or not. #cruise

– Doug Parker (@CruiseRadio) November 7, 2020

In an article entitled SeaDream Yacht Clubs’ Anti-Mask Policy, I wrote that SeaDream ignores basic health and safety and sound principles. As many as 20 voyages, sailors and well-known sailors responded to Cruise Radio’s post, including the Cruise Guy (“You must be laughing! ANYONE on #cruise the ship should wear masks! . . . @SeaDreamYC unnecessary trip riders and staff wearing a mask right now is amazing! Come on, dad! ”). I asked on Twitter “how long #CONVISION OF COVID19 spread? “

SeaDream then changed the method and established the mask principles (see image on right). Several passengers on the ship apparently told Sloan that they “signed the trip mainly because they were told they would not wear masks, and said they would not take the trip if they knew it was necessary to wear a face mask.”

But several popular bloggers like Cruise with Ben & David, who were also on a promotional trip, praised SeaDream for keeping them “very safe!” while some maritime fans claim “external pressure” from “bad foreigners” is forcing SeaDream to follow the principle of demanding masks.

There are a lot of people and journalists are responding who are unaware that the difficult SeaDream has taken over to protect us. I have to assume that this is achieved due to external pressures as we are much safer!

– Cruise by Ben & David (@CruiseWithBD) November 10, 2020

Today, after hearing that a stranger had been diagnosed with COVID-19, several well-known bloggers raised an obvious question. Did the lack of skeletal data (until yesterday), in view of COVID-19 and a dangerous, airborne virus, make this unfortunate?

I would say I was surprised, but…. you were protecting and shipping without skirts in a box three days ago. C #cruise

– Doug Parker (@CruiseRadio) November 11, 2020

Although protected by @SeaDreamYC, after the 3rd PCR test, the #cruise rider has now been confirmed to have tested the coronavirus. Would the facial expressions initially make a difference?

– Stewart Chiron (@CruiseGuy) November 11, 2020

It may still be possible, or, that the test of visitors today brought falsehoods. However, SeaDream 1 is now returning to Barbados, ending with what was originally elevated as a “waterless” moment for the maritime industry. The other guests (and co-workers) will no doubt be tested again.

Traveler Dave Monk, for the Telegraph, said SeaDream’s vice-president, Andreas Brynestad, was initially “disturbed” by the “controversy” on his face masks. Another travel correspondent, Sue Bryant, who was invited to the newspaper tour, sent word at the beginning of the trip that she was impressed by SeaDream health ideas who are said to have built a “fun boat”. The respondent responded positively that walking in the plague, wearing or wearing a mask, is still dangerous.

I am on SeaDream I and am very interested in the health systems. I’ll be the first to wear a mask sometimes but we’ve all had a few tests + so far, + they get tested once a day. On the beach in Barbados, everyone wore a mask

– Sue Bryant (@sjbryant) November 9, 2020

Why I was not surprised, until yesterday there was no mask.
– sorry to hear but avoid it.
– this will put it all back .. .. it will sink when there is an OUTSIDE COVENANT….

– David Thomas (@djthomashome) November 11, 2020

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Credit Card: SeaDream I – Gordon Leggett – Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0; Staff at SeaDream 1 with masks – Gene Sloan

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