COVID-19: Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio On How Touring And Producing Cash Via It Would By no means Be The Similar

More than 200 countries have been affected by COVID-19, and this has led to economic and industrial crises. Travel and tourism companies were among the first to respond. And because of this, many from companies, from airplanes to hospitality and many others, do not see any work coming. This meant less work and more people. The entire section of travel bloggers and tour guides who rely solely on travel is facing major challenges as travel is not only a source of income but also a part of their lives. Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio, one of the most well-known bloggers from the Philippines, has gone on to say at length about the challenges that traveling bloggers face as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. They share, “But for all, travel is not just their money but a part of their lives. As they fill their blogs with news stories and stories and photos of their experiences for their followers, the epidemic has completely taken their lives.” He adds, “Blogging and blessed work.I usually travel two or three times a year slowly.COVID_19 means loss of money and restrictive restrictions I think, being on the road for many years when I was young, times that have never happened if this is a problem that happens to those who travel. and like a digital digital manufacturer, the resources may be limited. Travels will never be the same.Priving bloggers have changed dramatically when it comes to airports, as well as the freedom to travel individually will be difficult. oh, or my trip to the Sahara to Morocco, I want to offer what I follow even though restrictions are difficult “. Hafiz added, “Travel companies did not make a choice, so advertising and affiliate marketing will never end. Most of the revenue I get comes from visiting journalists or travel agencies that also need to be deducted. Three months ago, I received an email from my client saying the job until the moment I find out “.” Now? Traveling and writing my life, I spent many years building my authority online. I am an old lover and still connected with my boss. My job is important only when I keep my page is something I appreciate. However, I travel less. As a travel blogger, I have to keep content and it will never end. As a digital name for many years, the epidemic has taught us a lot about stability and resilience in what we write. ” as long as today if I could compare 6 years ago. Most bloggers go with digital navigation. We do this work – from creating a website, writing letters, writing articles, English online teachers, and other sponsors. “At the age of 23, Abdul Hafiz left the Philippines and started traveling alone twice a year. He made his first trip to Mexico as a refugee in corporate life. I am starting to study digital migration from travelers.Also so far, Abdul has traveled on three continents in 140 cities on his own.In 2015, one of his articles was interrupted and he was offered the opportunity to support Huff Post USA Edition by former Chief Editor Arianna Huffington.
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