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Some battles are unbearable, and the two companies seem to be throwing a towel over the issue of police officers who fail to walk in legitimate ways.

Both ZS Associates, a subsidiary in Illinois, and the Canadian electronics company Ritchie Bros Auctioneers are some of the first companies to run “hybrid” trips.

This means that some employees will be given the opportunity to reserve the hotels or flights they want, using the methods they want, rather than simply following the company policy that directs them to use the internet or a travel company.

Such an “open source” was pioneered by Google, so the story goes, but a few large companies have taken the same approach. So far.

“We have a number of meetings to understand the difficulties or difficulties of the pilot,” said Michelle Grant, director of travel services at Ritchie Bros. ”It starts small, maybe two travelers. We’ll see people who have booked places out there before. This will not be ‘the one who wants to register this,’ but it is the one who is already doing this. ”

Grant, speaking at the webinar on Tuesday, said there would be feedback and discussion between the two sides and the travelers. “They need to understand, what they already know, is that if you book directly you will not receive support from a travel agency. Are they comfortable with this? There is much more to discuss. ”

What’s up?

In addition to losing that support when things go awry on business trips, companies may not know the whereabouts of travelers. Travelers also miss out on the special pricing opportunities that the company would have worked hard to negotiate with potential buyers. Drawing this also allows travel managers to negotiate agreements with hotels, or airports, in the future.

But there are obvious benefits if workers leave their own tools.

Suzanne Boyan, who attends meetings with travel managers at ZS Associates, told Skift.

Demonstrating where travelers choose to stay, or who they can fly with, also helps to find new opportunities for different retailers – as well as opportunities to negotiate prices.

The mixed system was not changed abruptly, as Boyan said he visited all private offices to make sure co-workers knew they had a stake. “If they want the best, they have to reserve the app so that I have the information to negotiate,” he said.

Grant plans to follow suit. “Fast and efficient. The pilot will help us know the best way to deal with the spread. We also want to make sure that we are able to track unused tickets and that we can provide more timely and accurate information; government regulations, bans and much more.”

Boyan also spoke on the webinar, organized by Traxo, which asked “What’s Next for a Program?” He also said hearing Grant reveal his intention to establish a mixed pilot was “the first Christmas gift… I’m not alone anymore!”

But is this the case for two tour guides who just give up?

“No. For Suzanne, it could be a recruitment process, “says Traxo founder Adreas Fabris.” They have mentors who spend 60 or 70% of their time on the road. health benefits would be much appreciated by a company that could increase freedom. ”

Traxo also has skin on the game. Its platform enables these companies to track down reservations, and to a lesser extent it allows the two of them to monitor where they are going, as well as the amount of money they spend.

Traxo opposes mixed race, or alternatives, and gives travelers the opportunity to change, showing that companies respect and rely on their employees to make informed decisions.

It doesn’t mean the end of a travel management company. In the case of Boyan, he was very open and honest with his Luxe organization, which Frosch had recently acquired. “They are open to this and welcome it as an opportunity to engage in something that has never happened before,” he said. “Luxe has found a way to find out what we have booked and to help travelers, which we will show as soon as we get back on track.”

Grant said he should also be comfortable with his organization. “We want to discuss openly what this might look like and how they can help us. If we still have the needed travelers, and honestly, we want to reserve a place at the agency,” he said.

However, not all organizations are ready to entertain such brands, Fabris warned.

It is hard to imagine that most companies would offer such a right to a reservation early next year, given the need for more efficient hotel systems. But at a time when transaction fees are being reviewed, agencies have the opportunity to step in and provide more information on mixed-use programs.

And anything that makes a traveler feel comfortable, and straightforward, on their first trip after a fall should be welcomed.

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