Coronavirus restrictions go away travel bloggers and social media influencers struggling for readership

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The bloggers say that travel restrictions leave them feeling “out of control” as the coronavirus continues to be eradicated worldwide.

Paul Farrugia, from GlobalHelpSwap: The Right Travel Blog, said that until the last few weeks he has been experiencing a history of traffic jams.

Now Paul and his wife, Karen, do not live at home in the UK and, like many travel bloggers, are struggling to make ends meet.

He told the Evening Standard: “All the campaigns were suspended so no money is coming from there.

Paul and his wife Karen say their blog was heavily influenced by coronavirus inhibitors. (Paul Farrugia)

“The advertising revenue is completely gone and all the advertising we have, like the one we booked in the store, has gone down again.

Paul said he now wrote some articles as “the best food you’ve ever had outside”.

“We had a history a year later and just a ‘boom.”

“For the first week I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t have the strength to drive.”

Paul decided to use his free time to sign up for the NHS volunteer program which saw a large number of people sign up to help overnight.

Victoria Philpott from VickyFlipFlopTravels said her website was “down” for the first time nine years since she started the blog.

Victoria said the page that ran the webpage had been corrupted. (Victoria Philpott)

“It’s getting slower and slower, then if the last two or three weeks have been less than before,” says Victoria.

“I’m losing advertising money because I only have one-tenth of my blog’s sales. This is not a good time for bloggers.”

Victoria’s blog only focuses on festivals and is due to travel to Grenada for the Chocolate Festival in May but as many other events are banned.

Portsmouth’s blogger has advised people not to attend unsupervised festivals as they still pose a risk to other groups.

He said: “I do not want anyone to waste his money when the festivities are over.

“I have always accepted that this is my life now.

Victoria on her trip to Thailand. (Victoria Philpott)

“I’ve been spending most of my time editing old notes.

“Of course we have to encourage people to stay. I’m not writing about travel because I don’t want people to travel right now.”

Paul added that news from Chinese travel bloggers showed that there was a “hopeful hope” that the closure of the end would be over.

Marketing expert Taryn Williams told the Telegraph that the times were tough for travel and food bloggers, promoters of fashion and beauty.

He said: “Many have changed from the business world to the occult.

“I think this is going to be an interesting mix, there have been manufacturers who have realized that this is an opportunity to have another share in the market.”

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