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Traveling blogger Christine Ka’aloa posted a series of videos in recent weeks on her YouTube video, which ran out of food.

Instead of seeing him take the Arctic Road or show him how to use a portable toilet, his 151,000 subscribers went down on what seems to be the world’s largest shut-off time.

“All the movies I worked on tirelessly last year and this year I’m going to stop because of the coronavirus,” he said in about 18 minutes recorded on Sunday. He is seen almost 2,500 times – less than his “GRRRL Traveler” recordings from travel around the world.

As the new coronavirus changes the way we work, the Wall Street Journal looks at how different and vulnerable people are. Past posts:

Ms. Ka’aloa, who lives in Hawaii, recorded daily incidents such as taking her dog, Tinker, to a veterinarian. He told viewers to watch the platform Patreon Inc., which allows people to sell subscriptions each month in exchange for better or better.

“I’m not feeling well,” Ka’aloa said, explaining why he had been silent since early March. “People out there watch my videos and think I’m on a trip.”

Ms. Ka’aloa has been aware of the restrictions on travel during the epidemic, and she encourages people to stay home. He decided to post new videos soon, however, “so I can get over this.”

He began his most recent film showcasing the self-defense he had accumulated over the years while traveling to India and Japan, and living in South Korea.

Stability has reached the head of Mrs. Ka’aloa.

Patreon, who set out to work with other followers before the epidemic, has played an important role in Ms. Ka’aloa. They collect between $ 5 and $ 100 per month for Patreon membership.

Mrs. Ka’aloa will soon be attending the Church of San Francesco in Ravenna, Italy, for the ceremony which was delivered in early November 2019.


Christine Ka’aloa

Subscribers look inside the created content, “back problems for photos” and the opportunity to see the back of the video waiting to be released. For example, after Covid-19 cases in Italy erupted, they banned shipping of their bullets from other Italian cities where they had recently visited.

About 40 Patreon subscribers to Ms. Ka’aloa does not have enough money to raise funds for the Covid-19 areas before. “On a grand scale, it’s not much,” Ka’aloa said.

The business model of GRRRL Traveler, which started in 2008, relies on advertising. About 60% of its 2019 revenue was based on ads seen on its YouTube and Facebook pages, he said.

In 2018, a YouTube video he made about a luxury hotel in Tokyo was interrupted, with over two million views. Facebook Inc. it also asked him to try out a video marketing program, and brands known as SanDisk memory card manufacturers approached him to showcase his videos.

Last year, the support and trials of GRRRL Traveler grew exponentially for Ms Ka’aloa to make her debut. It takes about 60 hours a week. He hits the road five times a year to collect notes and directions for travel, accommodation, food and other travel purposes alone.

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But with companies cutting costs, Facebook and YouTube advertising now only makes up one-fifth of its revenue.

Relationships related to things like the SanDisk alliance and what are known to be mutually supportive are very important because advertisers dry up. But the chances are slim.

“I’ll be lucky enough to get it, maybe $ 200,” he said of the companies hoping to take part in the deal. According to this, it is linked to the pages of the text of its text. Inc.,

one of his collaborators, reduced the prices of the Commission. Prices for e-commerce companies on health promotion and personal care, for example, have reduced by 1% from 4.5% of sales run by visitor clicks.

Outside the Patreon, Mrs. Ka’aloa created three “GRRRL’S Nite” Zoom meetings that she promoted through their media channels. The conference focused on nutritious food from around the world, travel to Japan and private trips.

She will receive the second part of her private interview on May 17. Ms. Ka’aloa said those who will attend the Zoom meetings, which she has between seven and nine in each session, usually pay $ 10 to $ 15, more than what she said in the offer. about $ 5.

“It makes me doubt what I’ve done or what I’ve been working on all these years to be present based on the number of people, my audience and my past business,” Ka’aloa said.

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The photo in this article shows Christine Ka’aloa walking to the Church of San Francesco in Ravenna, Italy, at an event sent in November 2019. The wording of the earlier statement did not indicate that the picture was in Assisi, Italy, in the area where it was originally sent. March. (Edited May 11, 2020)

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