College students Return For the Holidays

For some, however, restrictions and restrictions have had a profound effect on their health. A study of 144 colleges conducted by the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors this fall found a 57% increase in student anxiety and an increase of 81% of loneliness, compared to the first four weeks of 2019.

“College students have lost the balance between work and play. Most schools are quiet, children can’t have parties, they stay in dormitories, socialize with a few friends, work, expectation and retirement, “says Dr. Julia Turovsky, a psychologist at Chatham, NJ to be healed, to rest, and to be refreshed.

For children with a stress disorder or a group anxiety disorder, the disorder can be very serious. “I always encourage parents to share the burden by providing their children with additional resources, such as medical care or online care, as well as to maintain regular medical care,” said Drs. Turovsky. “Pediatricians, internists and gynecologists are the best ways to diagnose problems and provide guidance and ideas, which is why parents should encourage their children to implement this.”

Your child may come back hoping to hang out with a group of your high school classmates or, if they are 21 years old, to go to open bars. Discuss the rules regarding relationships and remind them that security comes first.

When you do this, allow your child to express his or her feelings and leave room for discussion. “Some parents are comfortable with small groups hanging out in the basement, and others are more comfortable with children making a ‘pod’ of like-minded peers who agree to hang out on their own,” said Drs. Turovsky.

Last summer, before the twins moved into their new year, Laurie Wolk, from Larchmont, NY, asked everyone to make a list of three friends who would come to the house and Mrs. Wolk’s parents could talk to them about the show. “It inspired me to know who was coming in and going out and the opportunities I had,” Ms. Wolk said. Once you have solved the problem, you will have more time to research what works for both of you.

For example, if your child’s friends enter your home, you could ask them to put on a mask and walk away. But spending time outdoors with friends while living at a distance is still the best option. Firepits and external controlled assemblies will go far.

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