College paid influencers to advertise levels regardless of by no means going there

Traveler and blogger Mariana Alonso wrote Anglia Ruskin commercials in Cambridge, despite graduating as an engineer in Brazil (Photo: Instagram)

University officials have admitted paying payers on TV to force A-level students to enroll even though some have never studied.

At least a dozen living, fashion and travel writers promoted Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in Cambridge on Instagram.

Many executives complained that their time at university was significant, even though they had no real connection to the organization.

The promotion was split on the date of A-Level results to attract students who did not get the grades selected for the first time, and had to pass.

Anglia Ruskin University paid sponsors for TV
Grace Bee, who has 5,764 followers, said Anglia Ruskin’s announcement was ‘business’ (Photo: Instagram)

Leaders who promoted ARU included blogger Mariana Alonso, who has 82,800 Instagram followers and graduated as engineers at Faculdades Integradas de Cataguases, Brazil.

Travel blogger Lauren, who runs the Instagram account ‘Spain With Lauren’, also encouraged ARU to its 10,400 followers, not to mention the study there.

Meanwhile, Grace Bee, who has 5,764 followers, admitted she did not study at ARU, but said encouraging them is a ‘business’.

They protect sharing in business while only working with the things they believe in.

Anglia Ruskin University paid sponsors for TV
Travel blogger Lauren, who runs the Instagram account ‘Spain With Lauren’, did not mention that she actually teaches at Anglia Ruskin

A university spokesman said the campaign helped them reach groups not mentioned.

‘We are very much looking forward to expanding our participation and many of our students are the first in their family to go to university,’ he added.

‘The people we chat with on Instagram talk about how university experiences and qualifications have helped change their lives – sometimes in unchanging ways.

‘These publications, both written by the people themselves and clearly marked as “advertising”, look at the benefits that can be gained from studying at a university.’

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