‘COD’ Professional Crimsix Describes the New Porsche Design Acer E-book RS Collab

The best alliances bring together to help consumers. That’s what happens with Acer’s new Porsche Design partnership, which offers the Acer Book RS coated with a smooth, carbon-coated cover. And like the Porsche 911, under the hood “of the new Porsche Design Acer Book RS is similar in style. With its Intel® Core processor ™ i5– , including high-end fans, manufacturers and manufacturers, local consumers, and eSports pros.

Also on the list is Ian Porter, a master of Call of Duty player called Crimsix. While Crimsix loves high-end cars, the three-world COD champion is very pleased with the technology of the Acer Book RS as it manufactures. Porsche Design’s Porsche Design Acer Book RS 2.65 “has all the features you could want,” he explains. “It’s nice and light. You don’t have enough of their hands. It will become my mobile laptop when I start visiting these contests. ”With 37 big Call Of Duty races won under his belt, he knows what he’s talking about.

“When I first got my laptop, I felt like, This sounds strange in a good way,” Crimsix continues. “It’s nice to touch and it’s very strong, like a car.”

Crimsix knows what he’s talking about cars too. He owns three different Porsche GTs, and is said to have fallen in love with luxury cars as a child.

“It’s funny, I got into Porsche where I was playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 when I was seven, six, or maybe five,” says Crimsix. “They had a couple of cars in it, but the 930 Turbo was mine that I went on. I liked the way it looked. It looked unchanged, like 911.”

This combination explains how Crimsix integrates with the Porsche Design Acer Book RS. “It’s a good partnership,” he says. “One of the reasons I am so attracted to Porsche is its durability. I don’t like fragile things. The same is true for cars and the same is true for a laptop. You can hear the most advanced weapons. ”

Obviously, strong tools are essential when you have finished your work hard.

“It’s funny,” Crimsix says. “My career lasted about 11 years, but I didn’t win until I was in my fifth or sixth year.” He says the change was played by his colleague Xeres, who encouraged him to read a book called Mind Gym.

“For me, it was rocket science,” Crimsix explains. “It was a book about how to be the best you can be in the game. For me, it taught me to trust. I read this book and it changed my whole life.”

COVID-19 has also changed its life, says Crimsix, seeing it shut down eSports games while instantly making the game more popular. “Sports is the best entertainment you can have in your home, especially if you are alone,” he explains. “I see my conviction growing even though it’s difficult.”

Hopefully, these challenges will not last long, so Crimsix could get back on track with Envy or his Kingdom counterparts to showcase the Porsche Design Acer Book RS to the world.

For more information, follow Crimsix here and be sure to visit the Acer online store to see the Porsche Design Acer Book RS, which makes a great gift for gamers, car enthusiasts, and anyone else who needs to do things.

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