CLT Airport Works to Hold You Protected for Thanksgiving Travel

CHARLOTTE, NC – Thanksgiving tours begin this week, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport wants passengers to know that they are taking precautionary measures during the epidemic.

While the epidemic may bring fewer people than ordinary people, officials say CLT still expects Thanksgiving holidays to be the most difficult time of the year. November 24, 25, and 28 are expected to see the highest climbers.

To help keep your journeys as smooth as possible, CLT encourages future planning, preparation, and early arrival to monitor and evaluate security. It is recommended that anyone who flies home arrive two hours early to depart and three hours before departure.

More information about COVID-19 safety features, parking, and more can be found below:

Facial Wearing Required

Everyone needs to wear a face mask while breathing, parking lots, and buses. All aircraft operating in the CLT are also required for passengers to wear a helmet. For anyone who needs a face mask, it is available free of charge at the security checkpoint and at the Visitor Info Center at the bottom end.

Messages & Symbols – Save Rockin ‘

Keep Rockin ‘signs and free stands available at all elevations to remind riders to wear a mask, a distance to visit and a hand wash. CLT also has 60 hand-painted units scattered throughout the competition with Atrium. Passengers can bring one bottle of hand sanitizer to 12 oz. that the TSA will display separately from their carrier.

Improving Housekeeping

Airport parking is done 24/7 strictly especially for the most affected areas. Tables, chairs, storage areas, moving buses and hand rails on escalators and movers are often cleaned. All areas around the area receive all-night cleaning with sprayers and cleansers that seek to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Pure Air

The airport uses advanced technology, such as UV light, HEPA filtering and bipolar ionization, to pick up and remove viruses and bacteria that can be dangerous or disease-causing. Aerospace filters are rated for MERV 13, which holds 98 to 99 percent of our moving particles as small as .3 microns and are widely used in medical facilities. The airline is looking for support from an independent, international agency on its infrastructure.

Enter Security

Remove protective shields near pedestrian bus operators, customers, checkpoints, airline ticket offices, and security checkpoints. The notes are reminiscent of long-distance riders as they stand. In terms of security, CLT and TSA have set up clear acrylic shields. Shields are on the checklist for travelers and locations that travelers are prepared to display. Of the four views of the CLT, 112 seats make the riders stand out. Panels will be placed on Checkpoint E upon completion of the renovation.


Drivers can use Curbside Valet ($ 35) or apply on Hourly Deck ($ 20 daily) or Long Terms ($ 7 daily). Be sure to go to to view a real-time CLT map or call 704.359.5555 for the latest parking lots.

Online booking will also be available on Hourly Deck and Long-Term Parking and will offer the best prices and discounts available. Click here and select the “Book Stop” icon in the middle of the landing page to complete the fourth step. Reservation should be completed 12 hours in advance.

Drivers are encouraged to use Hourly Deck to round and lower riders. With steps from the terminal, it helps to reduce the amount of traffic on the curbside and the first hour is free.

See Security Waiting Time

Be sure to visit the CLT page or app (downloading from the App Store or on Google Play) to see the expected waiting times at any search site, including Standard and TSA Pre-Check lines. For CLT Airport users here, depending on the preferences, if the app does not change, please change manually via the App Store or Google Play to enjoy this.


Most of the features that CLT accepts are open, except for some restrictions. Food and beverages at the airport HMSHost will offer special items at Brookwood Farms BBQ (Atrium) and PZA (Concourse E) on Thanksgiving Day.

During the holiday season, the airport is launching a new program called “CLT Local” to monitor businesses and terminal items that are the Carolinas’ original, giving riders a taste of the region. When you see the “CLT Local” stamp, you know it’s Carolina Original.

The “CLT Local” program enables passengers to see and support local businesses without leaving the Airport.

Multiplying, comparing people, requiring staff to wear masks and providing unpredictable and non-invasive methods and other methods they use to help clients feel comfortable when they return to CLT.

To be protected, some restaurants have also changed their ordering methods. Some protocols have adopted a fixed expertise in ordering and paying online. Menus and QR code remotely, allowing riders to order and pay online.

Stay in the Know

For more information, including frequently asked questions, click here.

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