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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – With the epidemic affecting the country, the airline industry is also unlikely to change suddenly.

Travelers who are free to travel may experience temporary changes. People are slow but feel very comfortable flying.

At a press conference last week, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said the number of flying people was increasing month by month. However, with all that in the air this year, flying can sometimes be quite unexpected.

Sometimes choosing the right aircraft can be difficult. Everything from the way it takes you to get there and from the airport to the right time can affect your decision.

“I hear a lot of people coming out of the ground. I find that they are very careful when they visit the brothers in the United States,” says travel expert Darlene Dupnack.

Dupnack has been in the travel business for almost 40 years.

“I’ve seen the business change and change dramatically over the years,” Dupnack said.

And no year like 2020 – unexpected. If your trip is changing and you are worried, your choices will affect the flight you have chosen and the way you have booked your flight.

Dupnack said before you stop buying, get travel insurance.

“I’ve always been urging you for the last 30 years, to buy restrictive insurance. It doesn’t matter what you do, because you don’t know what to expect,” Dupnack said.

And remember the planes that the vouchers issued earlier this year for the COVID-19? Check them out before you fly.

“Because the chances are good until next year. That’s why you want to repeat your trip before the voucher ends,” Dupnack said.

Another tip: If you have booked your flight through the passenger, Dupnack recommends that you pass through the same person if your flight changes.

“Give them a phone. Let them write you a book for books,” Dupnack said.

Let us not forget that we are still in the plague. Dupnack demonstrates flying with a plane that contains confusing principles when choosing seats.

“I’ve talked to a lot of customers who have boarded crowded planes and it’s good when you’re down,” Dupnack said. “But when they are ready to get off the plane, everyone is standing next to each other, and social interaction is impossible.”

Run if you want to, but stay safe.

Dupnack added that if you are flying overseas, or even outside the US, look for restrictions on your country or destination. They can change from the time you book your flight until you depart.

If you can reserve your flight via aircraft and the change is necessary, let’s say in a matter of hours, most will give you the opportunity to change your plans without any fees or refunds. If the change is minimal you can ask for changes in your route, but the planes will not suit you.

In the end, each plane has its own rules, but its principles have been very helpful during this time. Reaching out to customers can help you more now than ever before.

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