City Escape: Ebook These New Luxurious Metropolis Inns When Travel Makes A Comeback

Photo: Courtesy of Six Senses Kocatas Mansion

Author Cat Castañeda

Author Cat Castañeda

November 25, 2020

Despite the need for more people to live far away, there is always room for hotel in the town. Here are three to see around the world.

Produced by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese architect behind the new Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, The Tokyo Edition Toranomon is the first of its kind in Japan and its third place in East Asia.

Tokyo magazine is located in the vicinity of residential and leisure areas, and it is a must-see for the city; guests will also be offered a Edition x Tokyobike bike to ease the search.

Each 206 guest room offers a sleek design, but none like the Penthouse Edition, which has a 180-degree design. Being the place of Ian Schrager, it was designed to be visually appealing: the lounge area opposite the bright Tokyo Tower, and 90 restaurants are the only outdoor restaurants in this Japanese capital.

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Six-brand hospitality brand Sense continues to expand their urban offerings and expand the Six Sense Kocatas Houses, which are fully open this month in Istanbul. Located in the heel-lined Sariyer district, the 45-room hotel is the result of a careful renovation and integration of two 19th-century homes: the Kocatas Houses and the nearby Sait Pasa House.

The project is also used in the construction of ancient Ottoman buildings, but your attention will be drawn to the view of the Bosphorus street. Best of all, staying here comes with the opportunity to find a hotel business boat – ideal for a trip to bespoke or fast to another continent (the Asian side of Istanbul).

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