Christmas travel measures to assist passengers plan their journey and travel safely

  • the government is outlining what could happen on the Christmas tour between 23 and 27 December
  • The Secretary of Transport has announced that road services have been confirmed
  • Rail upgrades have been suspended for further use and 95% of railways are not involved in engineering activities.
  • Long trains and additional services are added along with deductions from admin fees to change train tickets
  • passengers were encouraged to plan ahead, reserve a seat and follow instructions if they decide to travel

The government today (December 3, 2020) has outlined a number of measures aimed at reducing disruption and helping people to travel safely during the Christmas period, while encouraging passengers to plan their flights carefully, think of calm routes and where to book.

Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps has announced a comprehensive plan for the Christmas carrier between 23 and 27 December, including hundreds of kilometers raising roads, promoting railway services, suspending work and speeding up construction and reducing travel tickets.

The government is also working with traffic regulators to create a conducive environment for testing staff, to maintain and increase employment.

As roads and railways become calmer during the plague, Christmas trips may be longer and busier than usual. What needs to be stated today is to improve the safety of passengers and workers, reduce any potential disruption, and help people move around more confidently.

Travelers are also reminded to adhere strictly to instructions, including dress code, reservations, and regular hand washing.

Traffic Secretary Grant Shapps said:

With so many people seriously considering whether to visit their loved ones this Christmas, we are taking a step in reducing travel.

The removal of 778 km of road works and delays in rail upgrades reduce inconvenience, reduce inconvenience and allow additional work to flow.

This will be helped by removing the admin fee by changing train tickets in advance, ensuring that there are solid staff to assist travelers. And I have asked former Olympic runners at the Olympic Games and Chairman of the Network Rail Sir Peter Hendy to look closely together with the transport operators to make sure everything is in order to help.

We are working with travel agencies to help people see their loved ones, safely. We urge everyone to think critically about their travels, to plan and reserve space, to be patient, and to consider other riders – especially employees who have worked hard throughout the year – by following the instructions carefully, including location and wearing a face mask for public transportation.

The government is also working with the divisive authorities on our goals to ensure that we agree as much as possible.

The railways described today are as follows:

The government is pushing for a change in travel costs to buy tickets ahead of the announcement of new COVIDs on November 26, making it a free change and ensuring that passengers are not left out of their pockets in compliance with the new COVID rules.

Long trains will travel on the streets of Anglo-Scotland and Liverpool to lift more seats during the expected offshore operation on the West Coast Main Line. The Chiltern Railway will also provide additional services on December 27, and the East Midlands Railway will run throughout Christmas.

More than 95% of the railways are not affected by engineering activities. Network Rail has changed its plans and operations at the East Coast Main Line will be suspended at the end of operations, allowing some extra to go and return to King Cross on Christmas day. Work on the West Coast Main Line will be completed as early as December 27, so that Sunday church activities begin at 10am instead of noon, allowing passengers to return from their Christmas foam.

Construction projects such as the East Coast Upgrade have been planned for 2 years. Prohibiting or delaying the project will see the benefits of keeping time, safety and reliability delayed for up to two years. A significant increase in roads will be where demand is greatest.

The road routes described today are as follows:

Additional works of 288 miles have been removed, and all railways and A-roads have all been removed.

While essential road works should extend the limit it should be at 60mph if possible, including highways such as the M6 ​​and M1, so as not to interfere slightly.

Officials have written to all governments requesting to upgrade as many roads as possible and to ensure that buses operate at the same time, in order to reduce traffic congestion on local roads.

Officials also wrote to all governments to ensure that winter preparations are made, with about 70% confirming that they have changed their rest routes to ensure that testing facilities are available.

The government has appointed Sir Peter Hendy – Chairman of the Network Rail – as the tsar for the Christmas tour on Friday. By carefully considering the plans for railways, roads, coaches, sailors and pilots, they will ensure that the entire fleet is reduced and support passengers.

Sir Peter Hendy said:

In the midst of the epidemic, transportation companies have been working together to protect passengers and workers. We need to ensure that what we share continues at this critical time.

Today’s announcement will help reduce stress, increase energy and reduce distractions for those who walk. I will continue to work with all staff members and give them tips on how to get people home safely for Christmas.

Travelers are encouraged to think critically about the timing of each trip and to think calmly.

For railway operations and coaches, riders must book in advance. Long-distance railway operators, including LNER and Avanti West Coast, already want ticket holders to reserve a seat reservation, so that they can interact with their peers.

For pilots where passengers are able to land and take off, pilots are encouraged to take the lead, follow the best directions, avoid the most difficult times and consider using alternative modes of travel.

Whatever the trip, people are asked to plan ahead, reserve as much space as possible, and plan trips that will take longer than usual.

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