Christmas Books 2020: Barack Obama, Val McDermid, David Attenborough and extra

Section, £ 10

This interesting volume contains short and short stories. Among the most notable celebrities is the girl who killed Santa Claus, a jealous ghost and Val McDermid detective Dr Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan. Don’t forget Sherlock Holmes himself.

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50 Words of Nancy Campbell’s Snow

Elliott & Thompson, £ 12.99

A spectacular display that brings language, culture and experiences through the ice sheet as it shares the meaning of the 50th Five Words, which has been collected around the world.

Christmas At The Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan

Section, £ 14.99

Sitting on the fictional island of Mure Mure (Jenny Colgan is said to have received encouragement from Lewis, Bute, Harris, Orkney and Shetland), the beautiful book sees a brother and sister trying to get back to a runaway hotel, no longer used as Christmas approaches.

Killing Ada Moncrieff’s Big Celebration

Grapes, £ 7.99

The body is lying dead outside in the snow outside the garden after Christmas party. There is a pistol nearby and there is only one disaster in the snow.

Killing Ada Moncrieff’s Big Celebration

But is the case as open and closed as it looks? Athlete Hugh Gaveston has promised to uncover the truth in this 1930’s mystery.

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Christmas For Beginners by Carole Matthews

Section, £ 14.99

They say they do not work with children or animals, which means that creating a birthday table on a farm is not for the cowards. But it makes a funny tool in this interesting story (opening line: “One of the alpacas eats Baby Jesus”).


One by One by Ruth Ware

Harvill Secker, £ 12.99

Modern Agatha Christie’s Secret Worship of the Deadly and Then Missing, These discovery finds a dangerous group trapped in an upper room after a riot. Fear and madness increase when it becomes clear that there is a murderer among them.

Pine writer Francine Toon

Extra, £ 12.99

A modern gothic novel depicting the childhood of a Highland writer, according to Francine Toon: “One day I thought of a road that runs through a picturesque area, in the mountains of Sutherland and a woman appears, just standing in a dress, near a crossroads.”


Beginning With Quintin Jardine

Head, £ 20

Edinburgh is not hungry for more experienced researchers and among them is Bob Skinner, a much-loved man who has been writing the pages of Quintin Jardine’s criminal records since 1993. The latest in this long series – 32 if you read – opens on New Year’s Day. Two men have fallen asleep in death. Both are known by Skinner. Report twisted stories of darkness and deception.


Silence in the Wilderness by Raynor Winn

Michael Joseph, £ 14.99

In 2018, Raynor Winn wrote The Salt Path, an intriguing memoir depicting how she and her husband Moth traveled 400 miles[630 km]along the stormy seas in southwestern England. The two were evicted from their home and Moth was diagnosed with a rare disease. Natural Silence reveals what happened next.

Promised Land written by Barack Obama

Viking, £ 35

The first book of the president’s memoirs reflects Barack Obama’s past political career, which led to his visit to the White House and in 2008 when he was elected President of the United States.

HeraldScotland: Former United States President Barack Obama.  Photo: Steffi Loos / Getty ImagesFormer United States President Barack Obama. Photo: Steffi Loos / Getty Images

It sheds light on the electoral process in its first phase when it enacted the Affordable Care Act, addressed the Wall Street transformation and approved the Speed ​​of Operation Neptune, which led to the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

I am from Tamsin Calidas Island

At Doubleday, £ 16.99

An honest and memorable memory that shares a difficult journey as Tamsin Calidas sucks a house on the Hebridean island – and he too – is alive.

Olive, Mabel and I author Andrew Cotter

Black & White, £ 20

Andrew Cotter’s funny video comments about his dogs Olive and Mabel were very important during the closing.

HeraldScotland: Game publisher Andrew Cotter and his dogs Olive and MabelGame developer Andrew Cotter and his dogs Olive and Mabel

The images spread, and I won over a group of fans around the world. This is a hot and humorous reading that explains some of their passions.


Paradise author Alasdair Gray

Canongate, £ 14.99

The final episode of Dante’s Divine Comedy by Alasdair Gray will be enjoyed by anyone who admits the artist and the writer. Well-built in its own unique way, its vision published after the death of the heavens will wonderfully blend with the previous volumes of Hell and Purgatory, and give a welcome gift to art lovers, poetry and late, the great Alasdair Gray.

HeraldScotland: Late Writer Alasdair Gray.  Photo: Colin Mearns / The HeraldLate author Alasdair Gray. Photo: Colin Mearns / The Herald

Grimoire writer Robin Robertson

Picador, £ 14.99

Magic and evil forces leap to the very title of the famous “New Scottish Folk Tales” poet, whose 2018 verses, The Long Take, were chosen as Booker. Here, they send Scots, Gaelic and English people, to bring out the spirit of the missing people who speak freely of the shops, exchanges and changers who have these beautiful poems. Highly illustrated by the author’s brother, Tim Robertson, Grimoire and his co-host on a winter night.


Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Canongate, £ 16.99

An uplifting and about life-affirming book, overcoming grievances and finding the hope that can last you long after you close its pages. A good book for 2020.

Ghosts is Dolly Alderton

Fig, £ 14.99

If Generation X were to have Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw, then Nina Dean, a 33-year-old leader at Ghosts, plays a key role for millennial women as they struggle to keep up with dating, relationships, family life, work and old age.


National Love and Bolu Babalola

Head, £ 16.99

The themes of this short story also take into account the myths of people around the world – Nigerian myths and Greek myths – celebrating love in many different ways.


Clanlands writer Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish

Hodder & Stoughton, £ 20

Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish are due to be sent from VisitScotland. This travelogue covers beautiful (and funny) themes heading to the mountainous terrain – camping, boat, kayak, motorcycles and motorcycles – while the two chalk and cheese explore beautiful landscapes, history, poetry, music and war.

HeraldScotland: Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish at Cawdor Castle on their trip to the Clanlands.  Photo: Peter SandgroundSam Heughan and Graham McTavish at Cawdor Castle on their trip to Clanlands. Photo: Peter Sandground


James Martin Islands to the Mountains: 80 Best Recipes Around the British Isles

Quadrille, £ 25

Those who are looking for a new inspiration after a few months will enjoy these recipes from Skye to Scilly Islands. There’s a water maize that James Martin called “Shetland’s paella” and broken lips, a 1920-orange and orange duck with a duchess potato, a dish he smeared in the kitchen of the Royal Scotsman and Nick Nairn pilots.

Shack Seafood: Food & Legends From Ullapool by Kirsty Scobie and Fenella Renwick

Kitchen Press, £ 20

Every day, Kirsty Scobie and Fenella Renwick take whatever their fellow fishermen have brought with them and pierce the mouthpieces that attract locals and visitors like a small trailer at Ullapool. In the book, the couple share their story and fun recipes.

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Life on Earth by David Attenborough

Ebury, £ 20

Sir David Attenborough remembers his remarkable work of documenting nature, as he highlights the ecological damage and destruction of biodiversity that he witnessed for himself.

Brush By Birds by Richard Weatherly

Hardie Grant, £ 30

If you are like us, watching birds in the garden is a lot of fun. This beautiful book allows readers to spread their wings, sharing artwork and the amazing life of artist Richard Weatherly, who has spent more than 50 years observing life around the world.


Between The Covers: On Sex, Fun and Survival by Jilly Cooper

Bantam, £ 14.99

Funny headlines and newspaper articles that Jilly Cooper did not make them happy, due to concerns with endless parties (remember?) Increased the risk of having pets, middle age and being a second wife.

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Tweed art by Vixy Rae

Dark & ​​White, £ 14.99

An interesting story in tweed – romance, nostalgia, style – by Edinburgh writer Vixy Rae, following his history and legacy, from close-knit Scottish mill and craftsmen in Harris, to his overseas locations, worldwide catwalks and design of urban fashions.

HeraldScotland: Edinburgh producer Vixy RaeEdinburgh producer Vixy Rae

Resident Dog (Volume 2) by Nicole England

Hardie Grant, £ 30

As an artist and interior designer, Nicole England knows better than a dog how to make a house into a house. The best book is the magic of our four-legged friends in a wonderful place.

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