CDC points new pointers for resuming protected and cruise ship passenger operations

All inside! It may not have arrived yet, but soon.

The shipping industry was one of the first to hit hard when COVID-19 hit America. The passengers had strayed from the ships and the spread of the disease began. For months, highways have been moving, waiting for Americans to catch the virus.

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Experts say we have not yet arrived, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said it is reasonable to allow ships to operate safely.

“This is very good news,” said Chuck Flagg. “I really hope the tour will begin.”

Employees have been tested, and will need to be alone for 14 days. There will also be a shortage of ships.

Travelers will be notified before the tour begins and the tour will not take more than seven days.

“I think you’ll see a lot of people stocking suits and balconies,” Flagg said. “That way they can have fresh air. That’s a big change. But when it comes to life, I think it’s like going shopping. You’ll wear your mask. I’ll wash my hands often. You’ll get away from your friends.”

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The resume is good news for the city of Galveston. It is a car market that uses long distances.

Flagg said that as soon as you enter a cruise ship, take advantage of the opportunity and follow the advice: “Save the place with the traveler. Save the refundable money. Save as far as you can,” he said.

Experts say that road trips can start anywhere between six weeks and two months. “Testing” visits will be conducted to ensure that the system is efficient and the emergency plans are stable and efficient.

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