Caught at residence for lengthy amid pandemic, Keralites take up travelling with a vengeance- The New Indian Specific

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COACH: After settling in their homes for several months as a result of the epidemic and the closure, a number of Ceralites are now taking revenge. However, instead of visiting the locations on the map for all visitors, most people, especially young couples and those with children, prefer remote and smaller locations.

One of the travelers is Harikrishnan, an IT team in Bengaluru. Life for her and her family was difficult when the plague began. “We found our home in Kerala. My wife was pregnant and we didn’t have anyone to help her after she gave birth, ”he said. Also, we missed the temporary pleasure of running out and meeting the community.

Harikrishnan and his wife and children

After the restraining order was lifted and we returned to my home in Thiruvananthapuram, we found the flexibility to continue visiting the areas. The elders in the family were worried and we wanted to show them that success is possible, ”he said. However, Harikrishnan, a member of the FINDERS (INDEavor Endeavor Owners) group, decided to move to more remote areas. “Uluppuni, one of the most dangerous roads in Kerala and the paradise for pedestrians,” he said.

“No hotel reservations have been made. We knew we were going to meet the owners of the park and the planners when we met and that’s it, “said Harikrishnan, who accompanied his wife and children – the youngest six-month-old on the trip. According to Roopa George, a businessman he is going to prepare for the trip.

“On a recent trip to Vagamon with my husband, I was surprised to see so many young families with their young children in the area where I live,” she said. “After talking with them, I realized that being locked up in their homes with children for six long months has been very difficult for young parents and they all want to rest,” Roopa said.

Geethu Mohandas, founder, LetsGoForACamp, agreed. “As more families go for walks, they are choosing places they have never met because there are fewer people,” he said. However, such mobility plans are developed by both the central and selected ones. “Not everyone can afford to park, they can drive long cars in their cars and get all the travel equipment. However, people are planning trips,” he said.

Now, they’re just going with their brethren. Even friends were not included. They are planning a day trip and even packing food, ”said Geethu. He also said that things are changing in these unexpected times. “We planned to have a camp this month for a group of women only and each location was completed,” Geethu said. He also said that tourism is expected to improve after December.

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