Caspar e book sale will profit Jug Deal with’s Nature Heart – The Mendocino Beacon

CASPAR – Books on nature, birds, geology, education, care, travel, astronomy, science and more will be on sale Sunday, November 8 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the new bunkhouse house near Highway 1 at Caspar at Jug Handle Creek Farm & Natural Environment.

Renovating the Natural Library in the farmhouse twice as a nursing home brought new bookshelves but reduced the space on the shelves. Volunteer writers keep the best new books for display but hundreds of old chapters are now available and on sale. A child’s book about the life of a deer looks like a small cover but the knowledge inside the books has not changed and his illustrations are good.

Holidays are fast approaching, so consider recycled books as a cheaper gift. How many other readers enjoy this book in your hands before it becomes yours? You don’t have to leave the beach to get commercials!

As a buyer, you are supporting a non-profit learning environment that is supposed to close jobs during the epidemic. Jug Handle may not have a bus full of children on a field trip during the coronavirus but can also have a place to sell with private and friendly people.

Katy Tahja is the author of six books on local history. He will be selling and writing these labels and donating a portion of his profits to Jug Handle Creek Farm & Nature Center. Come check out his new book, “Mendocino County’s Diverse History,” and discover Jug Handle’s Nature Center and the Ecological Staircase.

Book prices are cheap dirt. It is a good opportunity to see new places to rent for meetings and conferences and accommodation when the epidemic is stopped. Call (707) 937-5854 for more information on the event.

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