Can you continue to e book a resort room?

If you are planning a trip to California, your hotel reservation may not be restricted.

California’s most recent home law prohibits hotels and other resorts – including vacation rentals – from respecting reservations from out-of-town tourists traveling for unnecessary reasons.

And the buyer should be careful: If you make a reservation online, you may not receive a warning before booking your reservation.

The new restrictions exclude essential workers and those planning to stay in isolation for 14 days according to government advice.

At a press conference on December 8, California State Secretary of Health and Human Services Mark Ghaly urged the people of California to prevent people from coming to visit them.

“We know it’s difficult. We know this is a difficult decision to make, especially at eight or nine months in response, but we believe these are important decisions to make our community safer,” Ghaly said.

What are the travel restrictions in California?

On December 3, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the end of the Regional Home Standards. The law introduces restrictions and closures of sections containing less than 15% of their safety bed. The restrictions include banning hotels from renting out-of-town guests arriving at unnecessary travel.

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As of December 10, three states in California have housing restrictions: Southern California, San Joaquin Valley and the Sacramento region. The ban lasts for three weeks after it is established and is tested every week thereafter.

If you are planning a trip to an area that has restrictions on home, hotel or vacation rental it will not honor the reservation unless you are an essential employee or want to dedicate 14 days of travel planning.

How hotels reach out to guests

When California introduced the new rules, major hotel chains told The Arizona Republic they were working on notifying visitors to the changes.

“Hilton has been reminding visitors, through various means of communication, to reconsider the restrictions that may occur when they leave before leaving,” Hilton’s spokesman was reached by e-mail.

“Hyatt continues to communicate with visitors, prior to arrival, in connection with any travel-related activities; this includes guests who may be affected by the new California position,” the Hyatt spokesman wrote. “Hyatt Hotels in California are also working to inform visitors when they arrive on any travel route to make sure they are aware of what they are achieving.”

In his remarks Marriott said, “Travelers are reminded to review government regulations to ensure travel and accommodation at the hotel. Adjusted plans are available at . “

Messages to Expedia Group, which has web hosting pages including Expedia, and Hotwire, have not been responded to.

What happens when you try to book online?

We went to some of the reserves to see how they help with the reservation of California.

Some pages prevent us from booking a room at the end of the reservation and display a screen that tells us to call the hotel directly.

Others pointed to the rooms.

The Marriott website had a small blue sign saying, “A face mask is required. Customers should review government guidelines to confirm eligibility to stay & stay in a hotel. See” The website allowed us to go through as many rooms as possible.

The Hilton website posted a small sign saying, “Hotel Location Changes: Reservation Information Learn More.”

We decided to “learn more” the program, which said, “Before we complete the reservation, please review government restrictions and confirm that you are eligible to travel and stay at the hotel. “

However, we were able to make a reservation when I made a reservation.

On the Hyatt page, a small sign reads “Government Responsibilities – The Site could contain COVID-19 traffic restrictions as well as international, regional and health concerns.”

When we lost the Arizona address, it took us to a window to pay.

Fortunately, most hotels have current change rules that allow guests to cancel without charge. However, due to the unpredictability of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is customary to read the accommodation concept and ensure that your reservation is not compromised and refundable.

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