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Camel Spit & Cork Trees by Jack Montgomery

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Fitness Blogger and an avid reader, I recently added a book review section to my blog. What I have recently read is a new release by the author called; Camel Spit & Cork Prices.

First of all, if you’re not sure about Baby Boomers, be sure to check out my introduction to my Gr8 Travel Tips page. It describes in detail who we Millions of Boomers Worldwide are. ????

Topic – Camel Spit & Cork Trees immediately attracted me and I just had to explain a little bit. I was happy to have the opportunity to read and comment on my own.

About Camel Spit & Cork Prices Writer

Camel Spit & Cork Prices Writer Jack Montgomery

Hailing from the Isle of Bute in Scotland, Jack Montgomery is a Portuguese-based writer / photographer. In addition to writing for others, they run a successful travel page, Buzztrips, which focuses on mountain climbing and eating and dropping hit songs.

Well-known for Slow Travel, another part of Jack’s career includes being an independent consultant, creating a travel / cultural vacation and documenting guided tours in unfamiliar places in Europe, including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Slovenia.

This part of his career took him from the northern mountains of Portugal to its southern shores, and from the west coast to its eastern border with Spain. The spectacular events that took place along the way inspired her to book a tour at Camel Spit & Cork Trees: A Year of Slow Traffic through Portugal – a life story in another country that vividly portrays Portuguese territories still under the radar of many tourists.

Camel Spit & Cork Prices

Today, both Jack & his wife Andrea have taken great pride in books & techniques, and explored Slow Travel To “Off The Beaten Track” location in Europe.

Learn to Move Slowly on the Move Road

Hiking in Portugal

Over the past few years, my wife and I have been very aware of the growing numbers of people who are visiting many places around the world. We experienced this on our recent trips to Thailand and the Philippines.

Now we start searching and looking for “Get Out of the Box” and visit places that are not popular, but still good places to go.

Camel Sprinkling & Cork Trees Walk Slowly

Jack and Andrea are looking forward to the Slow Travel holiday that is associated with this.

We love eco-friendly trips that include; cycling, mountaineering, snorkeling & diving and much more. Now we will do our best to escape the place with the most visitors and the large crowd that comes with the famous places.

Camel Sprinkling & Cork Trees – Portugal

Camel Spit & Cork Prices

After living in the Canary Islands for 14 years, Jack and Andrea decided to redefine their appearance and return to the mainland. They have now made their home in Portugal.

The country we visited briefly a few years ago on the Western Mediterranean Cruise and love it!

The little Portuguese flavor we went for briefly was beautiful. and we hope to be back soon so that we can spend more time exploring more areas in the country.

This is where Camel Spit & Cork Prices will take you. Sign up with Jack and Andrea as they travel on Slow Travel to the many towns and villages scattered throughout the country.

Learn about their fun along the way, with the English laughter that is embedded in the mix!


For diet lovers, I do not recommend reading this book for free!

Jack has the ability to quench your thirst and explain in detail, local dishes he meets in many restaurants that go on their lowest tours across the country.

This book gives their comments or ideas or not, on the many that go along the way.

Camel Sprinkling & Cork Trees – Slow Walk

Pure Grass of Portugal

This book will help you to think about where you are going, and you might like it. Are you a Tourist or a Traveler? Take the test to find out for yourself!

For those of you who have less time to relax, to visit local places, to try local food, then this book is a must read, and a great encouragement to travel to Portugal.

I really enjoyed Camel Spit & Cork Trees and look forward to reading about their new upcoming events!

Below, I have included a link to the author’s official page and page for more information on this page & a simple order from Amazon, so you don’t have to worry.

In the same way, you can follow their upcoming events and integrate them into the TV platforms.

Going Buzz Logo

Tr Witchcraft – Late Trip to Portugal

Safe and Healthful Travels! ????

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy of the Camel Spit & Cork Trees was donated and in collaboration with author Jack Montgomery, make sure everything is in the imagination of the author and express my own thoughts. The images shown are also provided by the author.

Did you know…

“Portugal has been recognized as one of the world’s best surfing venues in the world. “

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