BWW Weblog: Mamma Mia – The Final Film Musical

The fearless leader of blogs, Taylor, has done this again and is encouraged every week (it really works!) Not to mention.

I can’t ignore the “first come to mind” approach: Mamma Mia. At first, I thought it was very important, everyone had seen it, and it was probably a game (from a Broadway celebrity and a movie lover). But here’s a consistent image of me and my sister in front of the OBC contest building in Times Square. There were confetti (I don’t know why) everywhere and I remember very well. Now the whole internet has this glorious image of us – worthy of the story.

For those who somehow escaped seeing the show in 2008, in a nutshell. Think Greece, think * really * sparkling water, think of surviving Europe. Then add parental distraction, a few worship points, an interesting soup show, a group of actors, and a few other ABBA characters, and you have Mamma Mia.

BWW Blog: Mamma Mia - The Ultimate Movie Musical

  1. Location

    Even if you were like a sex friend with whom I play, you can’t deny that the Greek island of Kalokairi isn’t the only one that will make you sit down with popcorn, or maybe, be your next trip to Athens. To see your travels (if safe, obviously), there are other trips to the island of Skopelos, where the first film was shot.

  2. Best Video

    What can I not offer to be in the room where Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus told the hot story with the top 18 ABBA songs to make such a movie? While I don’t like the movies that were in the beginning, Mamma Mia’s video does the 2001 jukebox songs more than fairly.

  3. Thrower of Ages

    Every time I see one of Mamma Mia’s actresses in another movie, she always has a sense of humor that just sounds like, “Oh! Oh! She’s in Mamma Mia!” Take for example my quick notes on my friend Marvel where Dominic Cooper played Howard Stark as a young man in Captain America’s first – I was. And when I last saw all the Caribbean Movies Pirates, Stellan Skarsgård was there as a Bootstrap Bill Turner (though I find it hard to see him as Bill Anderson). Don’t introduce Me Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski at The Woods, and Colin Firth in Love, Really? That’s all there is to be said.

  4. Hold On to Your Good

    While the beautiful greetings of Amanda, Ali, and Lisa in the genre of music at the beginning of the video just sit in my head from time to time, there is nothing like the three of them Donna and Dynamos. The romantic relationship between Donna, Tanya, and Rosie just makes me want to squeeze my guys under pressure, and most of all I hope we are ready to take off Go-Go shoes as we travel to the Greek islands for 50 years (I can’t decide if I’m Donna or Tanya even … ).

BWW Blog: Mamma Mia - The Ultimate Movie Musical

Maybe I’m biased because I sang “Dear, Dear” as a rehearsal song for one song and a hit, but maybe not. In my experience, Mamma Mia is one of those movies that infuriates those who say they have never seen it (if you are, I will not criticize you, but I urge you to stay like this, right now). While we can’t board a flight to Greece this moment, the story, love, and music have to do. BRB when I go to look at it several times.

(Dear Hairspray, Into the Woods, Grease, An American In Paris, RENT, La La Land, Newsies … uhh. You were all a little closer.)

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