Bucket Listing: Prime 15 Greatest Issues to Do in Sintra, Portugal

Sintra Bucket List: Best Practices and Amazing Destinations in Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a beautiful Portuguese town located in the Greater Lisbon region of the Portuguese Riviera. It is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thanks to its magnificent palaces, its rugged terrain, and its ancient fortifications. Its lush green mountains dramatically transform the landscape from the cities of Lisbon.

The palace of Sintra is one of the city’s most famous landmarks, and it was once a royal palace in Portugal. There are many things to do in Sintra, and if you are planning to visit the city soon, Here are some of your favorite things to do in Sintra, Portugal:

1. See Else Palace

Elsewhere Palace, Sintra, Portugal photo via Depositphotos

Sitting on top of the mountains, Pena Palace is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal, built on an ancient monastery.

What attracts visitors to this magnificent palace like Disney is its beautiful design and many colors, including red, gold, and brown. Its design comes in a variety of colors, such as Moorish and Renaissance.

Outside the palace, King Ferdinand II planted many trees around the world, including ginkgo, sequoias, ferns, and Lawson’s obedient gardens.

2. See Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra photo via DepositphotosQuinta da Regaleira in Sintra photo via DepositphotosInitiation Wells (also known as starting wells or movable towers) via DepositphotosInitiation Wells (also known as starting wells or movable towers) via Depositphotos

The famous monument in Sintra, Quinta d Regaleira, was built by the wealthy Antonio Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, who is rich in luxury and coffee. He spent most of his wealth in the house, showing his interest in Knights Templar, Masons, and Divination.

It consists of Manueline planks with hidden caves and tunnels.

You will find benches with statues, decorated gazebos, and deep mines connected by steep stairs that go secretly to the traditional temple temples.

3. Climb the Moor House

Sintra, Portugal, Scenic Castle of the Moors via DepositphotosSintra, Portugal, Scenic Castle of the Moors via Depositphotos

Sitting on top of the tallest mountain in Sintra, the Castle of the Moors was built during the wing of the Moor and rebuilt after the Reconquista.

The house can be reached easily by a local bus. Or if you want to get some exercise, you can climb the house on the walls.

The Castle of the Moors was built in the 19th century but was abandoned and abandoned by a natural disaster. However, it has been restored since the 19th century.

4.Draw at Parque da Pena

Else Park in Sintra via DepositphotosElse Park in Sintra via Depositphotos

One of the best things to do at Pena Palace is to walk around its fields and take pictures. The tree-lined roads cover more than 200 hectares and feature a wide variety of vegetation as well as well-pruned hedges and spiritistic trails.

5. Drive to the old Sintra Center

Rua das Padaria in the middle of Sintra image via DepositphotosRua das Padaria in the middle of Sintra image via Depositphotos

An old walk between Sintra is one of the most beautiful things to do in this town. However, you may want to do it early in the morning when the town is still empty because the streets are jammed with tourists in the late afternoon.

The landscape is dotted with paved streets, elaborate churches, narrow stairs, and ornate palaces.

6. Relax on the shores of Praia da Ursa

Praia da Ursa Beach in Sintra photo via Dep[ositphotos[ositphotos[ositphotos[ositphotosThe beach of Praia da Ursa in Sintra photo via Dep[ositphotos[ositphotosUdzapezachikwangwanicholozapanjirayadothimumsewuwopitakuCabodaRocaNjirayiikupititsanikuPraiadaUrsaamodzimwammagombeowonekabwinokwambirikuEurope[ositphotosYouwillfindasignpointingdowntoadirtpathalongtheroadtowardsCabodaRocaThistrackwilltakeyoutoPraiadaUrsaoneofthemoststrikingbeachesinEurope

The shoreline is dotted with long, hard rocks and boulders, which help to stabilize the waves, making them one of the few Atlantic beaches where swimmers can paddle safely.

Although going to this beach is a pain in the neck, it is a small price to pay for what lies ahead for you.

7. Walk in the Sintra Tram

Sintra road with old red drums through DepositphotosSintra road with old red drums through Depositphotos

After visiting various places in Sintra, you will get tired and have to rest. However, when you are on vacation, you often do not have enough time to rest; Fortunately for you, there is a tram in Sintra that can take you around the town as well as through some of the attractions.

Opened in 1904, the tram covers more than 11 miles and costs only three euros.

8. Learn about Portuguese airplanes at Museu do Ar

Museum of Ricardo Reis via DepositphotosAir Museum By Ricardo Reis of Lisbon, Portugal – DSC00847, CC BY-SA 2.0

To help you have fun, visit Museu do Ar to learn about the Sintra Air Base.

You will encounter many helicopter ships, planes, passenger weapons, aircraft, electronic weapons, and many more.

9. Explore the 16th-century monastery of Convento dos Capuchos

    Meeting of the Capuchos, Sintra photo via DepositphotosMeeting of the Capuchos, Sintra photo via Depositphotos

Convento do Capuchos is just a short walk from Sintra to the home of Franciscan monks. He turned his back on Sintra and ate only vegetables grown behind the house.

Visitors are given a guided tour of the monastery where the monks live.

10. Enjoy the architecture of Palacio Nacional and Jardins de Queluz

Queluz Palace author Alvesgaspar via Wikipedia CCQueluz Palace by Alvesgaspar – Your Work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

It is located east of Sintra in the city of Queluz and the Palace of Queluz, the hot house of Dom Pedro of Braganza. The palace housed the magnificent Rococo architecture and was built within the 18th century.

It has some of the most beautiful rooms in the world, decorated with gold-plated poles and elaborate frescoes.

11. Go to Cabo Da Roca

Lighthouse in Cabo da Roca photo via DepositphotosLighthouse in Cabo da Roca photo via Depositphotos

Sintra is rising in the far west of continental Europe, and Cabo da Roca is where the Serra de Sintra descends smoothly into the Atlantic Ocean.

The island is located about 400 feet[140 m]above the granite plateau, and you will find a lighthouse on top of it along with a stone monument.

12. Book a romantic night at Seteias Palace

Seteais House Tivoli Palacio de Seteais Hotel by Gryffindor via Wikipedia CCSeteais Palace Tivoli Palacio de Seteais Hotel Author Gryffindor – Your Work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

See Prices and Availability

Although Sintra is known for its many palaces, the Seteias palaces are one of the most frequent visitors to the town, and it is easy to see why. Booking a night at a deluxe at this palace gives you the opportunity to live a royal life, even for a few hours.

13. Soak in Praia da Adraga

Sunrise in Praia da Adraga via DepositphotosSunrise in Praia da Adraga via Depositphotos

Praia da Adraga is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sintra and Portugal. Adjacent to Praia da Ursa, Praia da Adraga is surrounded by steep mountains and a magnificent stone wall.

14. Huke up Cruz Alta

View from Serra de Sintra author Vitor Oliveira via Flickr CCView from Serra de Sintra author Vitor Oliveira via Flickr CC

One of the trips to Pena Park involves hiking in a beautiful forest and climbing the highest peak in the Serra de Sintra, about 528 meters high. From there, you can enjoy the scenic views below and beyond, including the Tagus Estuary and Lisbon.

15. Enjoy the delicious food of Sintra

Queijada writer Jennifer Woodard Maderazo via Flickr CCQueijada writer Jennifer Woodard Maderazo via Flickr CC

Sintra boasts of the city’s best ingredients, including the famous Queijada, a small cake made with sugar, milk, eggs, and cheese.

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