Bucket Checklist: High 15 Finest Issues to Do in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Bucket List: Best Practices and Amazing Destinations in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, a city that amazingly offers a lot to do for all types of travelers. It is one of the first cities of Turkey to have its first tourist attraction in the 1980’s. Antalya is Turkey’s largest city on the Mediterranean Coast, home to millions of people.

The city is unique, and the area is very different from the others because of the coastline. It is also surrounded by mountains, where you can see and feel natural beauty. Antalya is the best place for all the fun as well as a fun playground with history.

Here are 15 things you can do in Antalya, Turkey, that will make your trip memorable :.

1. Visit the Beautiful Old City of Perge

The ancient city of Perge near Antalya Turkey photographed via Depositphotos

One of the most important cities in the culture of Pamphili is the city of Perge. It is listed at UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage because it has a Greek-Roman theater, has many guarded courtyards, and the entrance is a beautiful Greek gate.

It is 17 km east of Antalya. It has acropolis, baths, agora (surrounding temple), surviving church, Turkish tomb, Gaius Julius Cornutus, and many more.

2. Become a spectator at the Antalya Museum.

Inside the Antalya Museum in Turkey portrait via DepositphotosInside the Antalya Museum in Turkey portrait via Depositphotos

The Antalya Museum of Art was established in 1922 after World War I. It preserved many ancient sites in the area. Precious pieces and valuables can be found here, such as the statues that existed in the Roman period, especially those found in the ancient city of Perge.

The museum was awarded the “Council of Europe Museum of the Year” in 1988. Here in the museum, you will also see great exhibits of the Byzantine Bronze Age and Seleucia statues.

The museum is open daily from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm

3. Ripping waterfalls

Waterfall Duden in Antalya, Turkey photo via DepositphotosWaterfall Duden in Antalya, Turkey photo via Depositphotos

Would you like to go from one place to another and cross it with breathtaking waterfalls? Antalya allows you to see the beauty of the waterfalls in the center of the city. Duden Falls was divided into two, Upper Duden and Lower Duden Waterfall.

There is a cave at the top of Upper Duden that you can see as you leave your place to go to the market behind the falls. The place is famous for cooking. Then Lower Duden falls from the abyss to the Mediterranean Sea 40 meters straight where you are allowed to board the boat.

4. See Kaleici Town

The ancient city of Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey is photographed via DepositphotosThe ancient city of Kaleici in Antalya, Turkey is photographed via Depositphotos

Visiting the old streets with a happy night life is essential. Kaleici is where you can find old houses inside the old city walls, which are the center of Antalya’s moral life. The people who live here enjoy drinking and socializing at night. There is also a beach nearby where everyone can swim carefully.

It is important to come here after sunset if you want to enjoy this beautiful area and if you want to avoid the scorching sun.

This is one of the best places to have a picnic, because you can sit anywhere and enjoy the music right away, especially at night.

5. Interesting Attractions in Koprulu Canyon National Park

Koprulu Canyon National Park writer Patrick Muller via Flickr CCKoprulu Canyon National Park writer Patrick Muller via Flickr CC

If you want to enjoy a holiday in Antalya with outdoor activities, well, the best place to go is Koprulu Canyon. It covers an area of ​​366 km2 or 141 sq. Km. Mi, and was established in 1973 by the Ministry of Forest. The canyon is 1,300 meters deep that crosses the Kopru River by 14 km.

You can find here a restaurant that offers fresh and delicious food. Koprulu Canyon National Park allows everyone to engage in a variety of educational and recreational activities.

You can walk, hike the streets, hike, river fishing, kayaking, and clean water trips during the summer and visit the canyon naturally.

6. Karaalioglu Park Speakers

Photo of Karaalioglu Park Picnic via DepositphotosPhoto of Karaalioglu Park Picnic via Depositphotos

If you are looking for a place that is spacious and popular for the locals, Karaalioglu Park is the perfect place. It is a great place to take beautiful pictures of the setting sun. You can also have a good port when you have a picnic with family and friends.

You have access to Hidirlik, a second-century Roman palace built on a steep hill overlooking the harbor at the edge of Karaalioglu Park.

The park has flowers and trees that make you forget the city streets. There are also many pubs that you can enjoy and relax while watching the sunset.

7. Note the 29-day ride on Lycian method

Lycian trail is popular among travelers through DepositphotosLycian trail is popular among travelers through Depositphotos

The Lycian Route offers you the longest and longest route in the world with Mediterranean views, Turkish culture, archeology, and nearby mountains.

It is a 29-day trip, because you will explore the 540 km route. When you meet many walking down the street; there is a parking lot for walkers and a restaurant.

On a 29-day hike, you can see the dead Levissi town at the top of the hill, the ancient Greek ruins left in the 1920s near Kayakoy.

Kayakoy has a bar in the village where you can be encouraged to sleep at night if you want to see churches lit up at night. You can also visit the Butterfly Valley by walking along the golden entrance to the camp.

There are also yoga centers located in the jungle. You can also find travel oil, lunch and spinach and cheese gozleme pancakes along with your trip.

8. Dinner and port

Arma Restaurant in Antalya Turkey photo via Facebook PageArma Restaurant in Antalya Turkey photo via Facebook Page

The people of Antalya love to eat, and the best way to enjoy the meal is to see the ancient harbor that stood out since the second century.

The high-altitude restaurants mainly offer fresh fish and plenty of Turkish cuisine that can make you feel full and satisfied. The famous restaurant is Arma Restaurant, which has a beautiful beachfront exhibition area.

Arma Restaurant
Address: Selcuk Mah. Iskele Cad. No: 75 Kaleici marina, Kepez, Antalya / TURKEY
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.armarestaurant.com.tr/

9. Antalya gives lovers of sandy beaches

Accommodation at Lara Beach in Antalya, Turkey photo via DepositphotosAccommodation at Lara Beach in Antalya, Turkey photo via Depositphotos

Lara Beach offers beautiful honey sands located near a number of restaurants. It has several good restaurants and some good restaurants.

Another good beach resort site is Konyaalti Beach, located east of Antalya. The place provides a comfortable environment for everyone, such as large umbrellas, toilets, showers, and more.

The retail space also includes some snacks, bars, and restaurants.

10. Enjoy Land of Legends Theme Park

Land of Legends Theme Park photo via Fb pageLand of Legends Theme Park photo via Fb page

Land of Legends Theme Park offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools with air-conditioned hotel rooms and WiFi access.

The theme park also includes bars, family rooms, a gym, a gym, a reception area for disabled people, a reception area, an airport, and a Spa security area.

The park is designed to provide an interesting, entertaining, and most important, all-encompassing space for all visitors.

11. Pay attention to the inscriptions on the roof of Hadrian Gate

Hadrian Gate in the ancient city of Kaleici.  Antalya, Turkey photo via DepositphotosHadrian Gate in the ancient city of Kaleici. Antalya, Turkey photo via Depositphotos

Hadrian’s Gate was built in AD 130 in honor of Emperor Hadrian’s visit. It is a marble gate with three columns with towers decorated with elaborate and heavy sculptures.

It is like a huge gateway into the Kaleici district. When you visit the gate, you will be amazed by the ceiling and the artifacts preserved in antiquity.

12. Ruins of Aspendos

Ruins at Aspendos in Antalya, Turkey photo via DepositphotosRuins at Aspendos in Antalya, Turkey photo via Depositphotos

A trip to see the beauty of Aspendos should be a part of your trip. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey, a Roman theater. It dates back to the second and third centuries, and its remains are almost identical to those of the past.

The newly renovated theater can hold up to 15,000 people. You can watch events here every year like the Ballet Festival and the Aspendos Opera this summer.

13. Across the Karain Cave

Karain Cave Second Chamber author Ingo Mehling via Wikipedia CCKarain Cave Chamber Second Writer Ingo Mehling – Your Work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Karain Cave is located 27 km northwest of Antalya, an ancient man’s house and a human settlement from the Paleolithic period.

In this cave, you see the bones and teeth of an ancient Neolithic man.

14. Shop at Antalya Bazaar

Antalya Old Bazaar writer Andreas via Flickr CCAntalya Old Bazaar writer Andreas via Flickr CC

A trip to Antalya will not be complete if you have not purchased anything from your destination. At the Antalya Bazaar, you will find a variety of souvenirs that are familiar with Turkish culture, such as clothing, food, home decor, jewelry, art, and much more.

There are various retail outlets that you can also request discounts as in any other market.

15. Loss of hearing Turkey Bath

Before concluding your trip to Antalya, do not forget to take a bath in Turkey. You can attend at DEMIRHAN Bath, Lara Hammam Massage Salon, and FALEZ HAMAM & SPA.

The Turkish baths are a traditional bathhouse almost identical to the Scandinavian sauna, but similar to the Roman baths; you will be bathed for 45 minutes, washing the body with a cloth towel, washing foam, and, most important, a massage.

In other words, it is the steam bath that gives you complete relaxation and cleansing.

Antalya Travel and Tour Packages

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