British brothers traveled the world to analysis their e-book about pizza

A new book celebrates pizza all over the world

If you consider yourself a pizza maker, there is a new book by two brothers from the UK who have traveled around the world for almost 10 years to learn more about pizza.

Thom and James Elliot dropped their first pizza as a child in southern Dorsett County, England from their new book.

“The tiny insects that live with a baby have tiny ham holes,” James said.

Elliot spent the last nine years on a pizza trip, traveling to more than 20 countries to taste the many types of food they could find, leaving his job in 2012 to study pizza in Naples.

“You bite me for the first time and you’re like: How come I’ve not eaten pizza like this before?” Thom said.

Elliot returned to the United Kingdom and opened several Pizza Pilgrims pizzerias hoping to recapture what the brothers had experienced in Naples for their fellow countrymen.

“Our motto at the company is: hot pizza, cold beer,” Thom said.

But the brothers kept going and trying a few pies.

“We had a moment when we were like: Stay tuned, I think we can learn more about pizza now,” James said.

One publisher told Elliot that pizza as a title may not have the entire book but the brothers disagreed, moving from a different type of pizza-pedia to a love letter sent to his favorite food (“Pizza,” Quadrille).

“Because everyone loves pizza,” James said. “It’s a really interesting story.”

When Elliot promised to enjoy the pizza (“Pizza is terrible,” Thom said, “I don’t think it exists.”) He acknowledged the fatigue of the pizza.

“We went to Naples for a two-day stay and ate like 42 pizzas at the time,” Thom said.

“Have you seen the ‘Free Solo’ document about the man riding the El Capitan?” James asked. “We’re really but pizza.”

The search for the Elliots 3,000-pizzeria-and-count to go where others do not want pizza has brought them anywhere from Beirut to Tokyo.

“I would be a writer and say that pizza in Tokyo is better than pizza in Naples,” said James. “Because he brings such interest to the business.”

The brothers are looking forward to a visit to Brazil for a future pizza job (“There are more Italians in Sao Paolo than there are in Rome,” said Thom) but they quickly closed any ideas that might prompt their research to eat another dish.

“Pizza boys live,” James said.

“Really,” Thom said. “That’s it. One ticket. One trip.”

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